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Peekers advantage csgo reddit betting financial spread betting tips

Peekers advantage csgo reddit betting

So 2 potential sources of interferences out of the wall. This coax cable is giving internet via ethernet over coax adapters to TV boxes throughout the house. The reason I know it is the network cable going into my computer causing the interference is because if I remove the network cable and run my internet through WiFi instead The most perfect I've ever felt it to be actually. Soon as I go back to wired ethernet, problem returns. Now I'm stuck trying to figure out a solution because there is no way I'm going to resort to crappy WiFi for internet Need to figure something out to prevent interference that the network cable is causing coming out of my modem.

Like I said Maybe late at night I will unplug the coax to rule that out as the culprit but that would knock out the TV service to many TV's in the house which is a no-no :P Running the ethernet through the UPS didn't really help anything because I think all the UPS does for ethernet is surge protection Btw there are coax ground loop isolators. Thankfully I don't need to spend more money on stuff :P I figured out what it was. When I connected my modem to the UPS, I lazily just used an extension cord to connect the modem because it is all the way across the room.

Also connected to this extension cord was a Philips Hue Bridge 2. I didn't think it was a very big deal to just leave it connected to the extension cord along with my modem but I suppose it was causing some kind of interference. As soon as I removed it, now my wired and WiFi connections on the computer feel identical.

Wired isn't causing sluggish aim anymore. Bensam said: Yeah that's desync and probably wont be fixed by a double conversion UPS. I was hoping it wasn't the connection. I used to have cable at my old place and I never had any issues with it, for any game. There must be something 'special' about the cable here, despite the fact that I had new wall mounts put in and cable laid out from my house to the pit.

It's honestly so incredibly bad, getting into a gunfight feels like instantly being checkmated before it even begins, often I'll jiggle peek a corner, not even peek out, and then I'll 'see' a bullet tracer far off to the side, miles away, at head level, and I know I'm already dead, sure enough, I hear the goosh sound and I'm warped to a place I hadn't even move to yet. I couldn't even use peekers advantage against players with ms latency, and my reactions are in the 99th percentile.

The main point of the game is holding angles or peeking people, but I can't do either anymore. Instead I have to take risky off-angles because it gives me more time to react to these super-speed reaction gods. Luckily I have the option of moving house soon though. Spoidah said: Bensam said: Yeah that's desync and probably wont be fixed by a double conversion UPS. I'll be moving house in a few months too so I'll keep you all posted.

Took ethernet cable off and shared network from my smartphone via usb-cord. Input lag reduced significally even though ping is now about Wondering IF the input lag and desync is really caused ISP, for example fast connection sends bigger packets which affects to lag somehow?? Guys, listen to Ayman. He resolved by moving to a different house. If you believe the ethernet cable being the problem, than sorry, but you don't understand this problem.

I've tested without ethernet cable, playing in offline mode with bots for many hours. It becomes worse with high ping enemies in the worst case scenarios you die without having the time to even react to an opponent. Some people have it worse than others, and not everyone has all of the symptoms above, some people have just only 2 or 3 of them, and some people just don't notice every symptom. The problem intensifies during the day and peaks around 5 and 6pm which is the worst time to play with this problem.

In some cases this input lag problem reduces drastically on night time, and it may even disappear completely in some rare occasions around 5 and 6 am the best time to play. Unless Ayman comes back and says the problem appeared again, until that moment we gotta accept that what he says is the truth. Well said. An ethernet cable itself won't cause the problem.

But an ethernet cable is still a path for electric interference. I literally just fixed this problem for myself yesterday. Unplugging the ethernet cable and using WiFi made me realize something was going on in the area where my modem is plugged in. And then I remembered I was using a cheap extension cord to power both the modem AND another device Philips Hue Bridge, a network device that also plugs into my modem via ethernet cable. Once I removed that other device, boom, the problem was fixed.

I was able to plug my ethernet cable back into my computer and no longer had laggy mouse aim. But guess what was leading that interference to my computer? An ethernet cable Sure it wasn't the ethernet cable that is the problem in the end, but it is an indicator of where your issue might be. The ethernet cable plugs into a modem or router I'm assuming? You have to think of what else is plugged into that modem via ethernet or what else is plugged into the same outlet as the modem that might be making some kind of noise.

For me it was simple, I had only one other device Philips Hue Bridge on the extension cable I was using to power my modem and removing that from the chain fixed the problem immediately. I moved that device to a different room in the house under a wireless bridge now so it has no way of interfering through wires anymore :P. Another thing people should experiment with is having their mouse software shut down or uninstalled completely. For me, Logitech mice feel vastly different depending on whether or not the software is open minimized to the taskbar, or even installed on the computer.

And I just noticed it on the Glorious Model O software as well. If software is closed out but still open in the taskbar, mouse movement feels like trash. Completely closing the app fixes it. Never experienced this on any other manufacturers of mice though If you pay attention to your device manager, Logitech Gaming Software and Logitech GHUB both install a "virtual mouse" you can go to your device manager and see it for yourself.

Uninstalling the software will get rid of that virtual device and result in different feeling aim I feel like. It can be weird though I feel like the G Pro Wireless feels better with the software installed and virtual driver running but the software has to be closed and not sitting in the taskbar. It's not just at your old place. Fiber has become much more common in the last years. Remember when you started hearing about google fiber initiative? That's when other providers started ramping up their offerings and installations.

So you're just running into players with a 'god tier' advantage more and more. The only way to fight fiber is with fiber until ping normalization happens. Even then fiber still has the advantage of ridiculous consistency. Jitter of like ms even while downloading, where as cable is all over the place even with QoS. I read your post and it sounded like you had a noisy device on your isolated power network behind the double UPS. Basically negates part of the purpose of having it in the first place.

XD Good you figured it out. Ivoxy is describing two different problems. We're going to have a rough time here if you can't discern the difference between what's server side and local. A server will not effect things like your basic input, floaty mouse for instance. It WILL effect things such as projectiles or where people are on your screen. Your input does not determine where people are relative to you. Problems with ping differences, variance in latency, bad signal levels, a poor modem, network utilization, server load, other players connections to the server, or packetloss which was already mentioned can cause desync.

You will not fix most of those issues if you move to a new place. You don't control the server or someone elses PC baring foul play. Your network connection will not effect your inputs unless you have so much packet loss it causes your character to rubber band or desync with the game in general loss of connection. It is physically impossible.

We're talking about completely different portions of a game and how they interact. If you have cable you need to check your signal levels, if you have more channels or docsis 3. There is a lot of troubleshooting there I'm not going to do for you, but is definitely fixable and googleable.

Please do not switch this thread into 'why is my internet laggy'. That has nothing to do with why your mouse input feels heavy though, that's a different problem. There is more then one thing being discussed here, but everything else you mentioned is definitely your internet connection. Bensam said: Spoidah said: Bensam said: Yeah that's desync and probably wont be fixed by a double conversion UPS.

I'm also noticing that my screen is stuttering a little when there is more things going on in my screen ex: when I play an RTS game the more things happen on screen I get increased stuttering but it feels like an overloading thing, as in something you would normally get if your computer wasn't powerful enough to process everything that is going on , problem is my computer is more than capable on paper to deal with this game.

I also have input lag from keyboard too, some key strokes dont register. Internet is definitely problem here. Im cant stop thinking why is so shit in the day and the only conclusion i have i that theres a lot of interferences, not only from house but from the other houses as well. So it took a full week to figure my setup out after getting the double-conversion UPS but at last I can confidently say my problem is fixed.

First time I've been able to do a full day of gaming and go through all my ceiling fan speeds and not have any issues aiming. I'm happy but my god I've been dealing with this problem for the last 2 years without really knowing it lol. But eventually I began seeing signs and realizing I had power issues. The nail in the coffin was that hot summer day about a month ago where I was just gaming like usual and had some good games on Overwatch and then game back after dinner and my aim was poo again.

I realized it had happened because I turned down my ceiling fan in the room by 1 speed. Then the more I tested things around my ceiling fan, I realize that every speed on it slow, medium, fast, or turned off would result in different feeling aims. That was what nailed it for me and convinced me I had a power issue. I literally sat there with the remote control for my ceiling fan next to me and would move my mouse while swapping fan speeds and as the fan would ramp up to a faster speed or ramp down to a slower speed, I could actually feel my aim kind of jittering.

Sometimes the mouse would feel sluggish, sometimes it would feel like I had acceleration on, it was infuriating. So when people here are talking about scammy products I'm not exactly sure what you are referring to but a double-conversion UPS certainly isn't a scammy product. It definitely works For me, I just didn't care anymore and was dedicated to fixing my problem no matter what.

If you do decide to get a UPS and are planning to just return it if it doesn't solve your problem, a word of warning, places have strict refund policies on UPS's because of the "dangerous" chemicals found in the batteries The Furman that I had bought I will just return for money back.

I don't regret buying those 2 things because they did fix the problem little by little but not completely. But they gave me the signs I needed to make the bigger decision and go all out for a double-conversion unit. They are super expensive over here in Canada.

I was like "what the hell, that can't be right, how is the higher model cheaper? There were only 3 left in stock so I quickly bought it. Guess what? Literally seconds after I made the purchase at the cheaper price It was a gamble though, considering I now knew I wouldn't be able to return it and would either just keep it or sell it.

But yeah, for me the gamble paid off and it did indeed fix my problems. So I will just talk about the crap I dealt with over the past week and why it didn't solve my problems straight out of the box. When I first got the unit, I only plugged my monitor into it just to see how it would feel.

Aim improved a bit but problem still clearly there. Then I added the PC to it and the aim improved a lot more. To the point where I thought oh wow, my problem is fixed. But the next day I realized that there was still some problem there because my ceiling fan could make my aim feel different still. I found that my aim improved when I removed a USB cable that goes to my audio equipment and also when I removed the ethernet cable from my computer. So I basically thought of everything that has any kind of connection to my computer All of those I ended up plugging into the UPS and the problem seemed to be almost completely gone.

I could plug the USB cable I had removed earlier back in with no issues now. So much progress had been made but there was just a tiny little bit of that sluggish feeling left. So that left me thinking what the hell is going on because the internet modem is plugged into the UPS so the ethernet cable shouldn't be causing interference with my computer I finally figured out that the extension cable I was using to power the internet modem my modem is a bit far from my UPS had another device plugged into it.

It plugs into my modem with a ethernet cable and the power plug was plugged into the extension cable with my modem as well. I'm not sure why this device was causing interference to my PC but as soon as I removed it the only thing the extension cable is powering is my modem now everything was fine. I plugged the ethernet cable back into my computer and no problems with the aim now That means USB cables, network cables, power cables For example Anyways, I set my UPS settings back to default and it works just fine now with out-of-box settings no problem.

I was messing around with all sorts of settings on my UPS configuration page thinking something was wrong in there when it wasn't. A double-conversion UPS will fix your problem. A Furman power conditioner probably will NOT it is just a glorified surge protector honestly, they call anything a "power conditioner" these days. It can take absolute trash electricity and make it good Lots of resources on Google if you are wondering about what the differences are between stand-by, line interactive and double-conversion or online UPS's.

Keep in mind that double-conversion UPS's come with fans that are always on and can be quite noisy. So if you need something silent, that might be an issue. How to fix this problem? Dpc Latency is one of the most important things when it comes to gaming. If you are having drop outs then you will lag and stutter and audio will be popping like crazy!

Heres an example in latency mon below Highest execution tab is most important and anything above 0. Side note do not delete microsoft device association do not worry if you have you may need to force restart as certain things wont work just ignore it like I did here.

The rest you can delete Having a virus protector along with windows firewall running in the background can cause conflicts and also slow down your connection if packet inspection is set to high. I have them disabled and only run them when needed. I also go into my firewall and delete everything as this way you know that the only allowed apps that are allowed in to access your pc are the ones you use only. As seen below in the picture you can see why people prefer higher hz, it is because of the motion blur.

You can also see that lightboost is the best way to reduce motion blur with only one hiccup to your viewing which is the colours go a little more bland than usual. The lower the strobe lighting the less the motion blur becomes. Makes the models bland coloured so I just use normal but it might suit you!

New SFP Connection can be played on the 10 gigabit bandwidth even if you have a low speed connection you will find lower latency gaming using this new bandwidth especially coupled with the new SFP connections. SFP connections stands for Small Form-factor Pluggable Its uses light to send information through optical lines thus lowers latency and noise when information is passing through whilst gaming The speed you wont notice much difference playing on 10 G bandwidth instead of 1 G but what you will notice is a much lower responsive latency within the connection!

Cost me 8 quid for 2 cat 7 cables! Remember less is more! Many people also dont know that you can actually plug a RJ45 cable into the socket on your wall! Once you clicked here the software update small window pops up saying you have 1 new udpate available a new window in internet opens with the software ready linked to download. The firmware of your SSD i use Samsung magician. Each SSD manufacturer will have their own firmware update software. Update your routers firmware and Modems firmware if it is not done automatically Youtube is your best friend and also contacting the manufacturer may help you update them if it is fairly old.

Unfortunately windows 10 has its faults and its not geared fully to gaming and the cache can sometimes get too big! And the system does not flush it! This software allows it to be flushed when it reaches a certain amount settings and amounts to set below.

All games feel super smooth now! This is very important as some people like me have only 2 slots of Pci express x 16 What many people do not know is that if you for example slot your main graphics cards into slot 1 and you put your SSD, sound card, ethernet card etc etc into slot 2 then the lanes will no longer run at 16 x speed and it will split the speed between the 2 lanes running both at 8x speed. This can be a problem especially with bottle necks! I have a k and my Rtx is just about being bottle necked by my k.

And if I use a 8x lane then I wont be getting the full benefits of this card at all! Especially in bandwidth hungry moments in game. For those using a 2 card setup I highly recommend a 1 card set up for lower dpc latency and more snappy gaming. And of course using only one of the slots for your GPU and leaving the other PCIex16 slots empty certain motherboards of course are an exception. Follow step below how to take owner ship. Example below of my take owner ship and inherited permissions in the context menu In order to do the step above you will have to enable inherited permisions or take ownership in windows aero context section ; until you next update windows this will stay disabled :D Hope this helped And just in case you can recheck it before u game takes 10 seconds.

Irq vs msi legacy interupt delivery vs message signal based interupts Msi is the new way to communicate between devices as with Irq you can sometimes have 2 devices sharing the same interupt which can cause high DPC latency As you can see in the picture I have all interupt priorites set to high on the right.

MsiX is a further advanced version of Msi you can enable msi on all msi x devices and msi devices. Heres a great tool for setting affinity link below download. Although some games require this on for better performance! Csgo works best with HT off! If you have Hyper threading on you will have to realise that core 2 and 3 will be the core and thread of core 1 because core 0 and core 1 will be the core and thread of core 0 core 1 being the thread and core 0 being the actual physical core of core 0.

This basically means if you activate the core always activate the thread too if you have HT on! My Dpc latency when using all cores was 1. Examples of mine below! For the internet as you can see above my Network adapter you can try 1 core or all your cores see which gives you the best results and less stuttering in game! The tool will enable you to set the cores to enable you to have lower dpc latency and more snappy response in games Core 0 on your cpu clunks all the system processes into core 0 this can lag your system when gaming.

Hence is a great idea to remove core 0 from all components such as USB controllers, graphcs card and audio devices and controller. Your components can now operate without system resources getting in the way and causing conflict, lag or stutters on core 0. This interference from the processes of core 0 can is a problem for gamers! You can check your results in latency mon. It will ask you to restart the device once you have checked the chosen core.

This is will different of course if you have more cores i. Try it on your system and see if you get better results if not leave this alone!!!!! Same principal applies to software such as CSGO. You can set the affinity for CSGO also. You can either use process hacker, process lasso or just use the task manager only thing with task manager is that you have to remember to do it every time after you launch the game.

Example of this is below. Below is an example of how latnency mon should look like yours maybe lower than mine and if so thats great news for you :D You're looking for the highest execution tab. The lower the numbers the better! Anything that is 0. Problem drivers and components should improve once affinity is set! Although sometimes the kernal and other things can be high which you cannot set the affinity for and that maybe due to hardware being outdated or incompatible. Bios not set properly or updated etc.

HD Audio controller is normally the culprit in most cases and causes massive stuttering IF you have this on whilst using other sound software For example I have a Xonar Stx2 sound card and use the Xonar Unified drivers with lowest dpc latency installation settings. If I have the HD audio controller running in the back ground with HD Audio software installed then I get micro stuters serious micro stutters and my gaming is ruined.

Pin pointing these conflicts is easy. As you can see in my device manager section I have many things disabled in the device manager which make my games run much more smoothly if not perfectly. Another problem I ran into recently was a ridiculous slow boot time! I have 2 internal storage drives and 1 SSD drive I found that when I disabled one of my internal storage drives my computer booted up 10 x faster as if it was brand new again. Turns out one of my hard drives was dead and it was taking the bios ages read the drive which it failed to do so every time hence why I couldn't see it in my computer or disk management.

Usb can also be culprits and disabling certain versions like you see with mine has unveiled great results for me although each one of you has different set ups so trial and error is the idea here am just showing you an example of what I did for my setup. Not saying that my settings wont do for yours as most of my tweaks is universal. Click the View tab and uncheck the box before Hide extensions for known file types. Locate fastprox. If you cant change it due to restrictions you can use windows aero to add take ownership to file and you can take owner ship of the whole file and now you cna change it!

If you get a calculator and divide 2 by 64 you will get 0. Here are the fixes you should run after scanning ur pc below. Then restart your PC. Do not use Ccleaner after applying the fix Although I do and have no problems at all but if your problem persists after using Cleaner then apply fix and do not use it after restarting. I see many people trying to test their machines and racing to see who has won the silicone lottery and who can keep the lowest possible voltages running in the highest frequencies possible!

An example of this I will use my CPU the k As you can see in the picture it shows the minimum possible voltages for a certain frequency depending on if you won the silicone lottery as you could set the voltages a lot lower and get the same results. Setting it at 4. Even if you have stress tested with prime Conlusion is don't be afraid to stress test the minimum possible and then add a few micro volts to the conclusion of your testing. So for example if the minimum volts for your desired frequency is 1.

I've noticed it makes a difference especially setting the voltages of my ram manually I recommend getting a power supply always at least above your requirements this keeps the power supply from redlining all the time and keeps its life span for a lot longer! And you avoid any throttling what so ever. A DAC is a digital to analogue convertor. It converts digital sound to analogue yet keeps the quality to be re converted back to digital.

I have my system set up like so. This 5. For your headphones at least :D This is the proper science how to get true 7. Screen Resolution and Ratio Screen resolution Is also personal preference but you can play about with it and see which suits you best. Find something which makes you play better for you. Importance of fps Heres an excelent video by 3KliksPhilip explaining this in further detail and Concluding that you can never have enough fps!

However having double your refresh and beyond will reduce your input lag as you go higher and higher with your frames making everything feel smooth and snappy! I remember having a 1 vs 1 with my friends Polar, Asyro, Goku, Darkill and others and I was getting fps at times!

I felt like I had an advantage when playing this certain map with this many fps. Remember this map I was playing was a 1 vs 1 map in game in competitive I seem to be getting minimum and around average and maxing out in certain areas of the map with fps I know many people with much higher specs than me that do not get anywhere near my fps!

I mean getting fps in that 1 on 1 map is evidence that tweaking your PC is necessary to squeeze every bit of performance from it as possible On my main menu my fps is :D Specs are k 4. Set CSGO to run as administrator and you can also try disable full screen optimization and see which one works for you best.

I personally have disable full screen optimizations checked now along with run as administrator. As you can see below I have disabled full screen optimization for CSGO Do this in all your games that you play full screen in all versions of windows. Many times you will have a team mate in your team that still thinks the game is a solo game and not a team game and you will find yourselves in a 4 vs 5 situation in the first 10 seconds.

This type of player is selfish and not a team player. Avoid queuing with such people and aim to make CSGO friends with players whom work as a team. The player who re challenges an awp, this mistake is very easy to avoid and can make you a greater player by just doing this and holding angles. Re challenging for a kill in most situations can be the worst thing to do instead waiting for backup or re positioning with mates can really shift the edge in your teams favour to win the round.

In many situations I see people failing with the 2 options available, should I crossfire or trade. It is actually subjective and depends on the scenario. Make sure you bind a button on your keyboard to mute the in game voice of players especially useful in clutch situations. As you do not need any distractions or educated guesses from your team mates as now its time to use your own intuition and initiative. As when you are 1 vs 1 the enemy can now be anywhere and any information from your mates prior to muting you can now make your own educated guess without distractions to where they are.

Making the guess will also depend on the information you can use on this particular enemies tendencies from previous rounds ;. Windows 10 uses tons of telemetry to gain access to your system and how you use your computer. This is constantly sent back and forth using your resources! A quick look at my firewall settings will show you how I stopped them by not only deleting firewall entries that were allowed but also by blocking certain windows telemetry entries.

As below This way you know whats connecting to your PC and whats not! My settings will be different to your needs but here's my settings I have a Samsung Evo so I disabled m. This next one below be careful because it will disable m. Also not I disabled HD audio controller this is because I already have a dedicated sound card xonar stx2.

I also disabled the Intel lan controller as I have a dedicated NIC if you use the motherboard for sound and internet then leave these enabled. This next one only disable if you have a dedicated sound card in one of your pci slots! I recommend anything thats pci express x2 and above :D If youre using on board internet then leave this on as this disables the on board one! If you have a Dedicated NIC disable this! In this first picture above in the Duma Os you can set your router to only connect to servers within a certain radius as seen.

You can also set it to connect to servers outside the radius you have set if it meets certain ping requirements i. Less is more. Pictured below is my routers DNS! This amazing piece of software is a God send. Link below and how to use and examples below. I will give you screen shots of mine and you can tweak yours!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also DO NOT touch knownDLLs Everything else is safe to disable if you don't use them of course Screen shots of my auto runs are as follows from tab to tab Side note I do not use internet explorer or Edge I have them all disabled and use firefox only and have removed maintenance from fire fox too uninstalled firefox maintenance from uninstall programs.

After testing barebone and other services I have come to the conclusion that barebone services leaves your system vulnerable and also unstable here are my new services and details tab settings with full system stability and all things working within windows 10! Pictures of my details tab in task manager current February Pictures of my services full list tab February Stability tested and all things working within windows after all windows is not just for gaming :D.

In services Time Broke aka TimeBrokerSvc Takes up a lot of resources as it controls the scheduler services behind the scenes and all them schedules obviously take up a lot of resources! InputApp End the task in task manager and right click the exe file and take owner ship enable context menu in windows aero tweaker and cut the file and place somewhere else Delete PUB MONITOR Iobit likes to put hidden software in the background to monitor the system but us gamers just want to access these to scan for viruses or optimize our system then shut them off without them running in the back ground.

Below is how to delete PUB monitor. Seen this a few weeks ago I implement it all the time worth a try for those who are suffering low fps! If you have alternate anti virus then you can disable windows defender I just keep windows defender as it works well coupled with the other malware scans I do. Download link below. However if you accidently disable this you can rectify the microphone or other privacy options through the regedit fix as follows below!

You can change other options through here too. These are my personal settings and yours may differ I use my pc mainly for gaming, printing and videos. This is if you want your system without any of the features windows 10 has to offer other than to run your games. I know everyone has probably never heard of this before but the performance boost I got from disabling these two were incredible!

You can feel the sharpness and snappyness instantly! Side note: You may need WinRaR or equivalent software to extract it then you can keep it on desktop and create a shortcut for it to open when ever you need it :D. Its a good idea to flush the cache on your system before you play and doing this ritual will enable you to have smoother game play and also better experiences in gaming Clean the unplugged devices data from your system using Driver Booster as shown below before commencing with the 6 to do's below Side note do not delete microsoft device association do not worry if you have you may need to force restart as certain things wont work just ignore it like I did here.

The rest you can delete Click scan then delete the entire contents! The contents here driver residue will return so make sure to delete them before every competitve game! Use windows disk clean up and click to clean up your main drives. Check all the boxes and click ok to clean it up. Use Ccleaner link below to clean your system before you game Run all tabs 3 tabs including registry tab! Run smart defrag by iobit This will optimize SSD drives and properly defrag your storage drives for optimal performance.

Check your processes so that presence writer is not running! You can open Run by holding the windows key and pressing R AND if you already have not done it you should have disabled prefetch from regedit and sysmain or superfetch from services you can type prefetch into run and delete the entire contents if you have not already done so.

Each driver is digitally signed and if they're not they are prone to change without you knowing! Using RUN hold windows key and press R to launch it Enter sigverif Scan the drivers and check the ones which appear on the list The ones on the list are not digitally signed and need to be reinstalled or deleted!!!!! Do not delete files that are important or system files research why them files are not digitally signed and if they're not important.

Different monitor tilts 2. Different angles of sitting 3. Different height 4. Close to monitor vs distant from monitor? Keep good posture and do exercise Many more explained by the fps coach in the video. Enjoy :D. This keeps my right side clear for my dominant eye.

The answer is NO and always NO This game is designed to be a counter strategy game so the players on the losing side need to come up with a strategy, team formation and tactics to beat the current winning strategy implemented by the other team and it continues like this for ever. Is there a counter strategy for every strategy implemented by the other team? The answer is YES always! Through evolution of the game and 's of times played there will be standard strats and formations implemented which work the best all round for each map.

There are many ways to tweak your strategy and tactics and a few example are below as follows Team formation for both CT and T Formation is important and having too many players going rogue lurker can cause problems and leaks in entrances and exits available to the enemy team.

Many options to confuse the enemy. If you find smoke fakes are not doing anything you can stack B and wait for them. Just a basic example. Enemy tendencies is very important to winning rounds And example of this is a choke point which you can pop flash for your team mate, you both are in position to flash and entry but the enemy team rushes out and kills your mate and you. Now you repeat the same scenario and this happens over and over. I see so many times in many matches in match making this mistake.

If you feel like the enemy is rushing out then you should take control of the area for some times before executing the nades. I also see many players peek without a flash from their mates, I call this naked peeking and it is not a good strategy vs awpers and augs. Pop flashing for your mates in situations like these level the round to a more fair state of affairs.

Team work is where the problem is for most people who still think CSGO is a solo aim fest. Many people think formations are only for football in sports but that is not true. Basket ball, hockey and yes even CSGO etc etc has formations You will need to find which formation is the counter strategy to your enemies strategy.

Be it you over whelm them in choke points or nade together to take control in a certain part of the map to give you the entry you need to give your team the edge you need to win that round. Aiming at the head is much harder but more rewarding of course this is true but is aiming at the head always a good idea and the answer is no. There are many reasons why 1. You could be in a clutch situation with the enemy on really low health for example 5hp so aiming at the head only you're reducing your chances of hitting them when you can go for a much bigger surface area such as the body!

Your opponents tendencies could be to always crouch low so aiming head height would mean adjusting your crosshair even with perfect crosshair placement! Running opponents are tough to hit and aiming lower on them would be better because as they run they're at very reduced accuracy rate which means they would be lucky to hit you and you're aiming at a much bigger area! In the distance enemies are much harder to hit this is due to inaccuracies of each weapon and the rng from a distance.

Aiming lower at a distance will actually enable your chances of a head shot much more and allow you to not adjust as much! They are at extreme distances and you're in an elevated position P. Reasons to keep you crosshair high and at head height always 1.

You're in a clutch situation and the enemy team is less likely to be crouched and more than likely to be walking slowly looking for you which makes the head target easier to hit! You're in the opposite situation of a clutch and you're 5 vs 1 on an opponent and should always play head height unless the opponent is very low hp. Whilst you're camping and the opponents have tendencies to walk and not run as often 4. Depends which weapon your opponent is using, position, their hp and distance in relation to you 5.

Your enemies tendencies are never to crouch Tips 1. I tend to avoid shooting in the distance unless I have a scoped weapon and if I have a rifle Id close the space between me and opponent without going into a fight and only fight when I'm in range 2. Knowing which range your weapon is most effective will give u more kills and more ideas on where you can hold or push with each weapon.

Never think tunnel vision because you have mastered one weapon always try and master another one as different use of weapons and strats unlock the other teams current strategy they are implementing. Remember there is ALWAYS a counter ''strategy'' to every given situation once your aiming potential has been reached its all strats, executes, nades, communication and holding together.

An example is players that wide peek all the time. In this situation IF you always hold your crosshair aligned near the wall where they are always wide peeking you leave yourself trying to find your best reaction time shot every time this can be exhausting as you have to overly concentrate or flick over depending which weapon you use of course comes into play too and enemies. To combat a situation where you always are dying to wide peekers is to have your crosshair a little wider then normal each person in this situation is different as reaction times for different people.

This way the enemy runs into your crosshair and you have MINIMAL adjustments to make If you find your opponents never wide peek then holding your crosshair in alignment to the wall where you think they will half peek will gain more consistency! At the end of the day we are trying to evolve to consistency within a match. Another example is very passive players whom never peek then placing your crosshair into the wall before you peek will give you the advantage as you will be right on them without adjusting your crosshair.

Another great idea is to watch a replay of yourself when playing a match that you lost. Reason is you learn more about your play style and crosshair placement when you lose a match than when you win as you will be able to see the leaks more clearly in a game that you lost! This simple trick will have you rank up in no time! When holding an angle try to shut off the other angles and only hold one direction! As you can only aim in one direction accurately anyway due to recoil and movement inaccuracy you need all the help you can get to fire accurately.

Whilst holding this spot an example is you're on B site on dust 2 and you're holding B tunnels. Many times I see the holding awper on B as CT constantly flicking from B tunnels to B doors to B window xD This is the worst way of holding because when you eventualy enagage an enemy your crosshair is way off and you have to make adjustments which are huge and more then likely you're already moving!

A better way is to pick one of the spots you think the enemy is more likely to come from whilst hiding away from the other 2 points of entry and HOLDING without losing patience! A team mate if there can watch the rest and give you support.

If a team mate is not there and the say for example you're watching window on B as CT and the T's come from tunnels and doors you're already hidden from them angles and you have plenty of time to get some picks from that position as you probably have not been spotted yet. Conclusion is not to watch more than one angle and keep the other angles out of sight so the enemy cannot see you!

Many players call wall hacks too fast! They do not understand that other people can hear you step and follow the sound of your steps and have a very very very high chance of killing you before you kill them! Rotating when the bomb is planting and you have information that all the other players are on the other bombsite then walking is not the way to rotate xD You should obviously run in this scenario!

Any player with experience and a brain can tell you that distractions can cost you rounds, matches and tournaments. What to do? Getting head phones which block out sound is one option. Makes clutch situations more easier rather than having your dead team mates spam with the mic.

They usually end up spamming where they THINK the enemy is not where they KNOW where the enemy is which more often than not is the wrong information remember this is much more so the case if you're a casual gamer and solo queue most times, this wont happen too much with a pre made lobby or a team. Avoid clutter on your desk. Avoid playing with broken components.

The only problem here is that you should never point out where an enemy is if you're not certain. This can cause many problems if you are wrong 1. Team tilt: Easily done especially if you are dead and are spamming the voice chat or texts which is only going to put your team mate off!

IF your team mate wants information they will ask you for it in them situations! Trust: Your team mate or mates might not take you up on future calls and might even think you are trolling! People can mute you and then information is cut off 4. Only give call outs if you are certain and it was a few seconds ago of the enemy location. Do not delay your call outs. If you see an enemy inform team mates straight away.

Delayed call outs can cause the above problems Stay silent when your team mate is on a clutch situation. You calling out to them wont help them but distract them when you have been dead for a long time. If they want information they will ask you. Me personally I have a mute button for chat in clutch situations which is a bind to the " ' " key. Been in many games where I am down and came back to win People who say ''gg'' after one round has no passion to play and probably has given up before excepting the match.

People who get angry quick and lose emotions especially when losing are not good team mates.


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I think the answer is probably no. Do we prioritise that work? I think the answer there is probably yes. Back to the economy, and successfully gaming it will be what sets the top players apart from the merely skilled. I'd expect deep strategies and metas and all that malarkey to appear pretty fast around what you spend your first bits of cash on and who buys what for the rest of the team.

The other side of that, of course, is that I expect the ubiquitous lone wolf players will probably refuse to share. Playing in the cocoon of Riot's in-house "PC Bang", on teams of five who speak the same language - and are happy to even use the game's built-in voice chat in the first place - it would be easy to say that Valorant feels wonderfully tactical, with cooperation and character synergy baked in.

The reality is that while, yes, the Agents' abilities synergise quite beautifully at times, I'm sure that's also down to having the right people to play with. The ringer on our team was Riot's David "Phreak" Turley, for instance - a well-known professional League of Legends commentator who mains the support role when he plays.

In other words: an unusually supportive, communicative environment off the bat. Without a squad of chatty friends or some particularly good luck with online matchmaking, it's very easy to anticipate an issue with toxic communication coming from such an incredibly tense, competitive game with both text and voice chat. As much as it might seem like a laboured point, this is something that many see as inseparable from League of Legends, and that Riot has already had to work enormously hard at combating.

It's arguably failed to really fix the issue, ten years on, and that's despite League only featuring text chat in-game. Voice chat's issues, most notably with the exclusionary effect it has on female players in particular , have been well documented. When I asked about this, game director Joe Ziegler promised to draw from Riot's "centralised efforts" at battling the issue and apply some "specific salves around certain features," but wouldn't go into more detail during our chat.

You can read more of his thoughts in our full interview with Ziegler and Valorant's lead producer, Anna Donlon , but a suggestion would be to axe the voice and text chat altogether and go with Apex Legends' nuanced ping system something League of Legends itself made good early strides with. It's also worth noting Riot's already promised to improve on the pings they have.

As Romleski put it, the implementation I saw was "not the grand vision" of the ping system: "we want to make sure players are comfortable if they don't use voice or they don't [feel confident in] calling out all the right information at the correct times.

Toxicity notwithstanding, Valorant's intense competitiveness is also one of its greatest strengths. If you do get a good team, or just a good group of pals to play it with, I found there was a remarkable thrill to most of the rounds I played, especially so when we swept ahead to lengthy leads before almost throwing matches at the final round, or clawed matches back from the brink. Games frequently built to a natural climax of tension, and some higher-level plays - last-gasp, "clutch" one-versus-three kills or team-wide strategies coming together - can be incredibly satisfying.

The game feels built to surface those particularly vivid, Rainbow Six Siege-style moments in particular, when there's one player left and somehow they pull it off, turning things around with nothing but spit and hope and a little John McClane gumption. It's hard to pin down a single, quantifiable thing that brings that sort of heightened tension about, but Riot would argue it's all in the basics.

To go right back to their initial pitch, this is a game built on competency first, and apparently what that means is a tangible difference to all the little things. The art team emphasised their creation of a "clean zone", for instance, where anything within the playable height range of the maps was slightly more muted and stripped back, whilst the areas above roofs, skylines, and the like was allowed to pop. Other elements are illustrated in accordance with a "readability hierarchy", where Agents stand out above the playable space, which stands out above the visible parts of your gun, which is above the non-playable stuff altogether.

Cover, on the maps themselves, is allocated with great precision, forming a curated spaghetti of "long lanes" of clear sniper paths and intentionally obstructed sightlines. All characters have equal-sized hitboxes. There's tagging, and specific walls you can shoot through, and on and on and on it goes with a seemingly infinite string of minutiae that Riot has thought about and talked about at exhaustive length. Above all of that, though, is a technical effort that on paper sounds quite remarkable.

As we all know by now, Riot boldly claims to have eliminated peekers' advantage, something that I'd expect no-one but the most ardent of CS:GO nerds to have heard of or cared about until now, but makes a demonstrable difference to how long-term players will play the game. In most shooters like Valorant, you can briefly pop out from behind a wall to "peek" at what's going on and quickly dart back with the shimmy of a button, and do so with no risk of getting picked off, because the delay between you performing the peek and the enemy seeing you is too high.

You're back behind the wall before it's humanly possible to react and shoot. It's become a time-old part of playing tactical shooters at a decent level, but in Valorant it no longer flies. Riot seems to have tackled this entirely by cracking open one of those League of Legends coffers, that I imagine they have lying around the place, and simply throwing vast amounts of money at the problem.

To get briefly technical, as I understand it Riot claims to have struck a deal with internet service providers that will route internet traffic directly from you to Riot's servers, via service called Riot Direct, which it says means an average of 35ms ping for at least 70 percent of players at launch.

I can feel the eyes glazing over, don't worry, so in basic terms: much less lag, regardless of where you are. At the top end of the scale, competitive players and streamers that have been known to move across the continent of North America to get physically closer to servers, so that their ping is low enough for high-level play, can breathe a sigh of relief. For myself and most others, it's just another quiet reassurance.

As well as the peeker-busting tick servers and promise of super-stable ping for almost everyone, Riot's also built Valorant to be playable on a huge amount of machines. Slides were used to show off some apparently remarkable strides to improving the accuracy of hit registration. Riot even showed footage supporting a promise to upscale players with low FPS and lag, through some special server magic, so that even if they jittered about and jumped all over the place on their own screen their movement would appear entirely smooth on yours.

Wind all that back into the important stuff - the gameplay - and it raises interesting questions around where true originality and fun really comes from. Sometimes players coming up with clever ways to work around things that are technically problems or imbalances can actually lead to the most interesting gameplay. To go back to peekers once again, in Romleski's words: "Let's say we're playing against somebody who's peeking, you might 'jiggle peek' yourself as like a counter-way to deal with it, and I think it's good that players are being ingenuitive and trying to come up with ways to deal with it.

The lasting effect of all of this technical humble-bragging is a sort of congratulatory haze. It's easy to be talked into a stupor by the sheer scale of what's being done on paper, and the number of promises made and the promising signs - namely its reputation in the League of Legends community for lengthy, regular patch notes that border on overcommunication, and also lots and lots of money - that Riot can actually deliver.

There are things I'd certainly like to see it improve. A more proactive approach to toxicity is certainly one. Another, just as important, is a lack of any real character showing through. When I played Valorant, there was a pesky audio bug that meant none of the Agents said anything either in the menus or the matches.

A bug is just a bug, of course, but it served as a pretty apt illustration of Riot's priorities at this point in time. Would the game have been put out in front of the press had aiming down sights been bugged, or the in-game economy?

You'd imagine not. Art design, character, and lore are all proudly explained by Riot as being in service to the gameplay. It means that gameplay is indeed exceptional, but the importance of window-dressing shouldn't be underestimated. Not when your rivals are Blizzard, as much as Valve. For all the talk of Overwatch's competitive scene, the way it rose to such wide-ranging prominence, through its abundance of character and humanity, shouldn't be forgotten.

For now, as the game approaches its beta, that's the one area where Valorant is lacking. The game itself remains a big, expensive, promising promise. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. We could "fix" this by delaying Shaz's death by 7. We as devs were hesitant to do that though, because that extra 7. Either way - we know what's currently in the game isn't quite right. We won't stop making improvements until you'll are happy - expect changes for the better soon. Originally posted by ugoterekt.

So since your servers are causing packet loss should I raise the setting? You should try the settings and see if the game feels better. If it does feel better, keep the setting, if it does not, then revert back to the minimum. We are actively working on fixing these issues during Closed Beta - expect the issue to go away over time. Originally posted by uiki. I mean We don't have access to network commands to tweak stuff out so we are left to the mercy of the devs.

The interp values seems really off and god knows what they are using. They exposed an option in yesterday's update network buffering, under general without explaining what it does.. No values to set so no one knows how many frames of interp you'll get.. I just hope someone goes around to test it. Originally posted by qgshadow. It will be good if Riot answered to this thread Their whole point was to make it better than CS in a way but made it worse Originally posted by juhmikay.

On Round Transitions from end of round, to the new buy phase we were triggering this indicator incorrectly - all the "reset" of game state causes some network saturation, which is unavoidable. We are going to hide indicators during this specific bit, because no action can be taken.

With the COVID pandemic, lots more people around the globe are using the internet - and all that stress causes packets to be dropped. Once the virus settles or when internet infra gets better; it's always getting better over time , you should get more stable net conditions. Originally posted by SaiyaTV. What about walking accuracy? Because this is also a thing that's been bothering me and we don't seem to have an answer on this yet.

Originally posted by Daiephir. I think the "No remote interp delay" should be an option for those that want to try it eventually IMO. Originally posted by neur0breed. Might be too late, but have you thought about reducing the operators capabilities for peeking. I don't mind a whole lot getting hit by someone with other weapons since range, recoil, etc can come into play.

But getting walked on by a 1 shot sniper is probably the worst feeling I've ever had in any game. We're always considering potential design changes - I'm an engineer though and I don't want to speak out of turn. Stay tuned! Originally posted by musicallacisum. What about the issues with walking and shooting? Players are literally binding walk to m1 so that when they shoot it walks for them. Originally posted by 7heWafer.

I wanted to field the idea that you and your coworkers put this information in a page on the Valorant site or somewhere accessible and in one place. Even just a GitHub gist markdown file where you dump questions and your wonderful answers like this would be so great to have to go to one place to see what you guys and gals are saying about popular topics and FAQ.

Originally posted by SpyderCompany. The math behind peekers advantage and network buffering are fairly well understood by many players that have come over from CSGO, as it's been a hot topic in that community for many years.

That being said, I think many of us are questioning how the math you've provided us isn't accurate to the results we're seeing. In the case of the two twitch clips used in the video here , the delay between the peaker seeing the defender and vice versa appears to be much much greater than 48ms. In fact, if it were only a 48ms delay most of us would be unable to notice much of a difference between the two POVs, but when watching the videos the time difference is very noticable.

I wish I had the video editing knowledge to get a somewhat exact gap in ms, so if anyone does that please report back! Many users have found similar evidence across videos and streams, and although your response clearly explains part of this phenomenon, it would appear there is a much larger gap than your comment would prove.

Some further clarification would be wonderful! And for video clips - recording FPS of video capture, slowmo edits, etc.. It's hard for me to definitively say that the fl0m clip review is far from 48ms - I welcome someone like battle non sense, etc.. The game operates on an economy-round, objective-based, first-to-1 …. Imgur Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination.

Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more. Original Post — Direct link. Hi all! What are we as devs doing about it? Originally posted by grumpypumpkin i love the reply on what exactly the "network buffering" does. Originally posted by ryeguy Based on his description of the settings, using an inappropriate setting would be a disadvantage.

Originally posted by falven Why would anyone ever use anything but the lowest setting? Originally posted by [deleted] [removed]. Originally posted by ugoterekt So since your servers are causing packet loss should I raise the setting? We are slowly getting around to adding more network commands to players; stay tuned :. Originally posted by qgshadow It will be good if Riot answered to this thread Thanks for the question! Originally posted by SaiyaTV What about walking accuracy?

Originally posted by Daiephir I think the "No remote interp delay" should be an option for those that want to try it eventually IMO. Originally posted by neur0breed Might be too late, but have you thought about reducing the operators capabilities for peeking. Originally posted by musicallacisum What about the issues with walking and shooting?

Is this an intended game mechanic? I'll take a followup and get it somewhere more official and localized - thanks!

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The beauty of using ranking systems like these is that the majority of the hard work is done for us. Systems such as these are in use because you cannot simply use the winner of a tournament to decide who is the best performing team. Some teams may be better than others in tournament environments, whereas others may excel in league structures.

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