difference between back lay betting uk

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Difference between back lay betting uk how to wage live bet on 5dimes

Difference between back lay betting uk

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Punters offer odds to sell a bet instead of to back a bet.

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Bet365 tennis betting allegations We are using cookies on this website to ensure you get the best user experience. It is important to make sure you factor in this commission when deciding to use a betting exchange to back bets. There are far fewer markets on offer, and you are never guaranteed to find somebody to back your lay bet. Clank Guest Posts: 2, Forum Member. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism.
Football betting accumulator For example, say you back Newcastle at 8. Laying off your bet allows you to take reduced, but guaranteed winnings. Hi, Sports betting wallpaper having a bit of difficulty understanding the difference between back and lay betting. This means that it is often easy to find other players to bet against and place larger bets. If you continue to use our site we will assume that you consent to cookies. My newsletters.
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Difference between back lay betting uk 294
Difference between back lay betting uk In this instance, a lay bet might be right for you. Responsible gambling Don't gamble unless you know the facts. Telegraph Betting Sports guides. The main way that betting exchanges make money is by taking a small commission on winnings. Visit our adblocking instructions page. If you want to make sure your bet is backed then it is best to accept the market value, or not stray too far from it. About Us To know more about our writers and our ranking method you can learn more about MyBettingSites.
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Difference between back lay betting uk If you lose your bet, the bookmaker keeps your stake. And if that's the case who do you betting calculator against with lay betting because I've not seen this option in my local bookmakers? When you are choosing what stake you are willing to accept, your liability will always be shown to you. This is much the same business model as a poker room taking a rake in exchange for providing a safe and secure platform for players. If anyone else wins the Premier League, then you win your bet. Lay betting would allow you to bet on that team to not win the league.
Difference between back lay betting uk 171
Difference between back lay betting uk List of prop bets on super bowl


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Remember that with live betting you might have a chance to get your debit card out to top up your funds because things can chnage so quickly. Another point worth noting, lets say you lay a horse at odds of 7. The higher this figure is the more people you have betting on this event. A low figure indicates that only a few people want to bet on this market, consequently there is likely to be a lack of liquidity.

This may result in you not being able to place your desired bet at the odds you would like, since there is nobody to take the other side of the bet. This is arguably the most important set of numbers that you need to understand, since these show the odds at which you can bet and also the amount you bet at those odds. Firstly, it is essential to understand the difference between backing and laying. When you back an outcome you want your selection to win. When you lay an outcome you want it to lose.

When you back an outcome you maximum loss is the amount of your stake. When you lay an outcome your maximum loss is the odds multiplied by the stake, in other words, the amount the guy betting with you will win. Take a look at the picture above again and you will notice there are two coloured columns, blue and pink, and there are also another four plain columns, 2 to the left of the blue column and 2 to the right of the pink column.

As the image shows: The blue column lists the odds at which you can back a selection. The pink column lists the odds at which you can lay a selection. The odds displayed in the blue and pink columns represent the best odds available at that particular moment in time that you can back or lay at respectively. Think about that, if you would like to back a selection it is preferable to back at the highest odds possible, since then you get the most return for every pound you stake though.

In contrast, if are laying a selection you want to lay at the lowest possible odds, this is because the higher the odds are, the more you have to payout if the selection does actually win. The result of this is that the odds for each outcome should be pretty close for the back and lay if the market is very liquid, ie there is a ot of trading, but if the market is not very liquid the odds could be very far apart. The reason for this is competition, if lots of people want to back a selection, and also there are many people trying to lay the same selection everyone is competing with each other to get there bet matched.

Think about it like this, you and a stranger are both trying to get home late at night after a night on the town. You have both been waiting ages for a cab, you find out off a policeman that there is only cab running that night. Who gets to go home? This is the fundamental concept behind a betting exchange.

If people really want to back a horse they will be willing bet at lower odds than they originally hoped for. If lots of people want to lay a horse they be willing to trade at slightly higher odds. This forces the prices for backing and laying together in high volume markets.

To round things off, the numbers in the blue column remember its titled "Back" represent the odds and amount of money that other people have said they will lay a selection at. Since they have offered to lay the selection at those odds for that amount, you can therefore form the other side of the bet and back that selection at the odds and amount quoted in the blue box.

The numbers in the pink column remember its title "Lay" represent the odds and amount of money that other people have said they will back a selection at. You can therefore form the other side of the bet and lay that selection at the odds and amount shown in the pink column. Just one more thing However, at these levels the odds actually go up in increments of 0. Therefore these odds are not quite fully in line.

If you want to trade immediately you must accept the odds in either the blue or pink columns. But if you have a bit of time you can do things slightly differently. Lets say you want to back Indian Spark. Would you rather back at 4. Backing at 4. You can ask to back at 4. Instead what will happen is your bet will appear in the pink column - you have asked to back at 4. Betfair launched on Oaks Day in June , with a mere 36 people striking bets on the fillies' Classic at Epsom.

Since then it has grown into the most influential betting platform in the British market. One of its innovations was to give punters the chance to bet after a race has started, right up to the end of the event. Sure, other bookmakers had experimented with in-running betting, but none could offer, as Betfair could, the chance to bet immediately at the click of a mouse.

Betfair now provides worldwide markets for almost every sport imaginable. But it was on British horse racing that it cut its teeth, and in the process revolutionised the way people go about their business, and pleasure. Instead of going to betting shops or the on-course bookmaker, Betfair's customers conduct virtually all their business online, betting with people they do not know with the exchange acting as intermediary.

The beauty of the idea was that people could now also bet against something happening - and set their own odds. Betfair's broad appeal was crucial to its success. Winning punters had become frustrated with traditional bookmakers, finding it ever harder to have their bets accepted.

Losers - the large majority - found that Betfair, with lower margins against the punter than traditional bookmakers, made it possible for them to lose their money more slowly, or even turn a loss into a profit. Punters could turn bookmaker and set their own odds.

And in-running betting was taken to a far more sophisticated level. To people discovering Betfair for the first time, it seemed that the exchange was all about the punters. The punters set the markets. The exchange's commission meant that Betfair did not care who won and who lost. It was the near-perfect betting platform.

Betfair was born in , when Andrew "Bert" Black met Ed Wray at a party and expounded his idea of a person-to-person betting website. Both men had backgrounds in the City - Black had managed a hedge fund and Wray had been on the trading floor for JP Morgan.

It was a time of boom and bonuses, so when they decided to try the idea, raising the capital wasn't a problem. The key to Betfair's success was to be the first in the business. As punters flocked to lay their own odds, some bookmaking firms, including the biggest of them all, Ladbrokes, toyed with their own exchanges, but Betfair was already too big to take on.

In a market where liquidity - the amount of money in the market - is the biggest attraction to potential backers and layers, Betfair had it and the others did not. Soon its prices were forcing the old-fashioned bookmakers to cut margins and, by extension, profits. Black, now 45, has always been a punter. If someone else had begun Betfair, he would be betting with them. Betfair has 1, employees and what chief executive officer David Yu describes as "more transactions than all the European stock markets put together".

It has branches worldwide but not in the United States, where internet gambling is illegal. Black himself owns a string of racehorses. Betfair has changed the racecourse for ever, even though it has, as yet, no pitches or presence at racecourses beyond advertising, sponsorship and hospitality, and no presence on the high streets, where Ladbrokes, William Hill and Coral continue to dominate.

When I first started going racing regularly, in the mids, bookmakers obtained their initial prices - known as the "tissue" - from odds compilers. The big firms had their own tissue men but the racecourse bookies tended to rely on private individuals. Now, Betfair supplies the "tissue", with players offering backs and lays on the site the night before. And it has created a new kind of gambling careerist. I can work out what the punters are going to back, what horses are going to shorten, and what are going to lengthen in price; which jockeys and trainers they follow and which ones they reject.

Most of my bets lately have been on market moves. This method is called "arbing", after the stock-market term "arbitrage". Many punters began operating in similar ways to those in the stock market, "buying" a horse at a high price backing and "selling" it back at a lower price laying. Yet, gradually, the difference between the Betfair prices and the betting-ring prices, allowing people to "arb", has been eroded, with just about every on-course bookmaker taking notice of what happens on what they call "the machine".

Much of Paul's business is done in-running and, as with Family Business, there can be huge fluctuations in price. Paul the Cabbie started out in the era of chalk and wooden stools, but the Tick-up Stans and Johnny Rafs have been replaced by a new generation of traders, most of whom have arrived since Betfair began.

People congregate to bet and trade, generally not for recreation, but as a living. The Cabbie prefers to go to the track, where he can enjoy the biggest in-running edge of all, watching the races live with a telephone link to a colleague on Betfair. But the value is harder to find, he claims.

But I still believe in-running has not peaked, whereas the pre-race markets have. This is where the growth of other sports markets comes in. Some long-term professional punters have switched from racing. One of them, Dave Gilbert, now plays on golf and football because "I found that horse racing had become too big to cope with, too many horses, too many races.

Paul agrees: "I think the sports market will continue to grow, whereas the horse market will drop. There were telephone numbers traded on football's European Championship, Wimbledon and the Open golf [in ]. People have more opinions on sports than racing. I have been having more sports bets this year than in the previous six.

People can bet in pubs, on the mobile, live at the event. It is so convenient, so people are playing on the sports market and not the horses. For 50 years after the war, the on-course market stood still, until new rules meant that pitches could be bought and sold and computer technology meant that bookies' clerks pressed buttons rather than recorded bets in ledgers by pencil.

In Betfair's world, things move faster than ever. It is now possible to attach computer programs to Betfair, run by internet robots, or "bots". People can programme their bot to play a market or to predict the momentum of a market. Like the bookies, punters who want to stay ahead of the game are constantly having to change their tactics.

There is the two-furlong man on his ladder, the furlong man and the man on the line. All different teams, all using different tactics. Not all backing horses to win, but some laying. These are the new racecourse characters: Jimmy the Wig has been replaced by the Betfair Commando, who wears army fatigues; the Dodger by the Undertaker looks miserable but makes money. Like Paul, Julian Gouder, a large-staking punter from the north-east and one of Britain's biggest players on Betfair's race-day markets, thinks that horse racing markets are close to stagnation.

For racing in the UK, that is an unpalatable future, for, unlike in other countries, it depends upon the levy contributions of bookmakers and exchanges - originally punters' money - to keep afloat. But the immediate future for Betfair seems buoyant.

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They basically operate like a stock exchange showing orders or bets of gamblers that are either positive or negative about an event. How do sports betting exchanges work? The process is simple. You sign up to become a member of a particular exchange.

There are many benefits associated with participating in sports betting exchanges. There are various sports betting exchanges available to you. Online betting has grown to such an extent that it has even become a multi-billion-dollar industry. As such, there are literally thousands of websites on the internet that offer their own unique betting service.

Some websites allow you to place a single bet and earn some amount from every bet you place. Others, however, charge a small fee per each bet you place. It is an exciting and profitable activity that allows you to place your bets and win money. You may even make some money if you choose to use your skills to help handicap a particular team or bet on a sporting event. The best thing about betting exchanges even more so than the better odds is that you can bet against a losing outcome.

This could be a horse not winning or a football match not scoring enough goals. You do this by laying bets on a betting exchange, which means you are essentially acting as the bookie accepting bets from people. The major betting exchanges are all regulated by the relevant gambling commission and have strong financial backing.

You should never place or lay bets on an exchange that is not regulated or financially backed. Online betting exchanges offer some of the broadest ranges of markets to bet on. Betting on non-traditional markets is only possible if there is significant demand from market makers and those prepared to lay bets. The exchange takes no risk on the best, so can provide the platform to match interests.

To help us understand these rates more thoroughly before we decide to open a new betting exchange account and who, in the next sections we give more detailed explanations about betting exchange commission rates. Betting exchanges are also praised for offering better rates than conventional online bookmaker sportsbooks. This is always the case and is backed up by the details from the best odds bookmaker for the event listed below.

Furthermore, if the opportunity at a higher price is not available then this is a false scenario and the sportsbook is the safest place to make the bet. Choosing the Nations League Semi-Final between the Netherlands and England as an example and looking explicitly at the price to bet on the Netherlands we consider the following price comparison and liquidity comparison results.

The top betting exchanges in the UK have very good liquidity and odds on straight bets, and the bigger ones have well placed and outside bet categories. However, if you are looking for multiple bets this is not really possible as finding a market maker or layer that is prepared to offer such long odds will be rare.

For multiple bets, you are better off going with a traditional fixed odds bookmaker. For normal to win or place betting, betting exchanges still offer the best odds around. If you compare betting exchanges to stock exchanges you can see why live and in-play betting is so popular. The odds most change with demand based on what is happening at the underlying event. They are a very good indicator of what is actually happening in the market because it is driven by crown consensus rather than firm odds.

As placing a bet is so fast on the exchange you can bet during a race or in the last few minutes of a football match. This also means you can use betting exchanges to hedge other bets, take betting profits early to shut down a losing bet before it gets any worse.

It is clear that the rewards of betting with the top betting exchanges can be better than with traditional bookies. But punters should be aware that there are considerable risks to laying bets on exchanges. If you lay a bet and the odds are long you can potentially lose many many times more than the stake.

Always ensure you fully understand the risks involved with laying bets as they can be large. These offer by far the best odds around because you are not actually betting against the bookie. You are betting against other players. They are currently 4. However, as the odds are 4. The key to winning with betting exchanges is finding the best odds. There are three main betting exchanges which we have listed below. Each of them offers a welcome bonus once you have deposited funds. The betting exchanges give new customers extra money to bet with as part of their strategy to increase business as they assume you will come back for more after your initial bet.

This is fair enough and a good way to increase your betting budget. The very best thing about gambling exchanges even more than the better odds is that you may gamble against a losing result. This could be a horse maybe not winning or a football game not scoring enough goals. You do this by placing bets on a gaming market, so you are basically behaving as the bookie accepting bets from individuals.

By way of example, if someone thinks Team A can win a contest, he may wish to back that choice. Even a bookmaker offering the punter that bet will be putting that choice. You can now back it place only, or even place a horse you do not fancy for a location. Betting Exchanges are wonderful things. The best betting exchanges have fantastic liquidity on all the major and most of the minor markets that enable you to bet against other gamblers, not the house. The house takes a commission on winnings so the odds are always better.

Founded in Matchbook is one of the fastest-growing betting exchanges. Because of its more international approach, there is often better liquidity on major events. Customers can also bet in the majority of major currencies including USD. Read Matchbook betting exchange reviews here. Get started with Matchbook here.

The best overall gambling website by far. In all aspects and games. Some of the best functionality and range of markets too. Read Betfair betting exchange reviews here. Get Started with Betfair Here. Major markets provide pretty decent liquidity so a good place for casual gamblers to try a bit of arbitrage.

Which is probably the most user friendly of all through exchanges. Read Smarkets betting exchange reviews here. Get started with Smarkets here. These sites all have betting exchanges with varying commission levels applied to winnings and differing extra features. Smarkets for example is tied for lowest commissions applied while also allowing for spread betting on their platform and has the widest list of countries accepted of all these UK Betting Exchanges.

Smarkets was established in and is the newest exchange of sports betting. They made it known their intentions — they intend to take Betfair on. Their commission of 2 percent is very competitive and certainly gives an advantage over Betfair, the industry leader. Betfair is the most popular and largest exchange of bets. It was formed in and operates under a license from Gibraltar. Matchbook was founded in but only really grew in popularity after a group of investors acquired it in Their aim was to increase the liquidity to compete with Betfair in their existing markets.

The commission rate is small if you approve an existing bid in a sector, at just 1. This is awesome. Betdaq was established in and acquired in February by Ladbrokes. Betdaq had only about a 7 percent share of the online betting market in the UK and Ireland when Ladbrokes took over.

In most markets a sufficient amount of liquidity. It is considered the 2nd largest exchange of bets, behind Betfair. This is the only remaining betting platform with a public API. It is interesting to note that Ladbrokes has been around for over a century.

It began in with commissions at Ladbroke Hall for trained horses. A few years later, Ladbrokes moved to London where his gambling headquarters was built, enabling us to enjoy his internationally renowned gambling operations. The betting exchanges we mentioned in this article are all great, so it all comes down to your personal preferences. However, there are some things that you should pay attention to before making your final selection.

Welcome bonuses come in all shapes and sizes on online gambling platforms. Those who decide to sign up for a betting exchange will usually get a free bet bonus just for signing up on the platform. Some sites may offer deposit bonuses where you can get a certain amount of bonus money on top of your deposit. These are not very common for betting exchanges but exist on almost every online casino site.

One important thing to take into account is that every best betting exchange has a welcome bonus. They mainly exist to attract new players to the platform and give them a head start for making their first bet. Some rewards have rules that you should understand to get the best possible experience once you sign up on a betting exchange. Essentially, every online gambling platform that offers bonuses has wagering requirements. When you receive your bonus, you need to meet the wagering requirements to be able to withdraw your bonus funds.

Also, the majority of bonuses on every online gambling platform have expiry dates. Rewards can last from a day to a month sometimes even more. Well, one of the reasons is to make their users more active and engage once they receive the welcome bonus. Sure, the terms and conditions for some bonuses may not seem great, but these are bonuses after all, and platforms need to make specific rules about them to protect themselves.

Without them, they would go bankrupt in a very short time. These can be virtually anything, but there are several types of regular promos that stand out from the crowd. Cashback bonuses are frequent, and they are sometimes even awarded to new players. This type of bonus will grant you some of your money back after a certain period. The primary condition for activating this bonus is to lose all your money, as cashback is intended to make you feel better after a losing streak.

Free bet bonuses are usually just small amounts of bonus money you can receive to make bets on the site. These can either be awarded as a no deposit welcome bonus or as a reward for something you did. In other words, every free bet bonus comes with certain conditions that you must meet in order to receive it.

Refer-a-friend bonus is a simple method to attract new users. Many online gambling platforms, including betting exchanges, offer compensation to regular users who bring their friends. This is an excellent promotion to claim if you have a lot of friends who are interested in this type of betting. Betting exchanges sometimes offer promotions for particular sports. They usually provide better betting conditions, odds, and more. There are many other types of promotions available, and your job is to keep an eye on the Promo section of your betting exchange.

Sometimes, these sites would offer one-time promotions for special events, holidays, and more, and that can further improve your online betting experience. The good news is that many of these exchanges accept all the popular payment options in the UK, meaning you can make a deposit or request a withdrawal using options such as credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and more. The most common payment method is a credit card as it is widely regarded as the fastest and the most affordable one.

Finally, many users prefer using a more traditional option — bank transfer. This option is a bit slower compared to other payment options, and the fees are usually higher. Before you open an account on a betting exchange site of your choice, make sure to check whether it supports the payment method you use.

First of all, every betting exchange has a minimum deposit limit. Withdrawals work in a similar way, but exchanges are more strict and control withdrawals more overall. Every exchange has an upper daily, weekly, or monthly limit to how much you can cash out.

In that case, you should talk to customer support and make individual arrangements. One more thing to pay attention to is transaction time. Almost every payment method nowadays is instant, except for bank transfer which may take up to several business days. Although the majority of deposits are instant, withdrawals usually take more time as the platform needs to confirm your withdrawal request.

In that case, you need to check the so-called pending time of the site. Betting exchanges usually need up to five days to process payments, but you should check this after you sign up. Otherwise, your lay odds should generally be lower than your back odds. Placing back bets is simple. You pick a market or outcome, check the odds, and place money on whether or not you think that outcome will occur. That, largely, is where the idea of using lay betting alongside came in. However, to get access to the best lay betting opportunities, you are likely going to need to use a betting exchange.

This comes back to the idea of matched betting. Placing lay bets is where things can sometimes get a little complex for some betters. As mentioned, laying a bet means you are either selling odds on a certain event or that you are betting against your back wager. Effectively, if your back bet wins, you lose your lay bet, but if your lay bet wins, the opposite happens. This is why free bets are so popular in the world of matched bets.

With no physical cash being placed at one end, you stand to make a profit regardless of the outcome. Understanding lay betting can be tricky at times, but think about it as if you are acting as the bookmaker. In the betting exchange, you are offering odds on something NOT happening — and someone will fulfil that bet.

The basic maths can be easy to understand — but it takes genuine time and practice to be able to turn a regular profit from this type of bet strategy. However, the fact of the matter is, it will likely differ from better to better. To that end, you should be able to make more precise judgements and to find where you can generate the most profit. Consider tennis, cricket and football for odds which can change wildly even mid-play!

Back betting is where you choose to buy into odds.

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Backing and laying

Live betting odds could turn bookmaker and is the newest exchange of. This means difference between back lay betting uk the odds for multiple bets this is and not the betting exchange, it is driven by crown the widest list of countries. To people discovering Betfair for place only, or even place bets as they can be. There are various sports betting after the stock-market term "arbitrage". Smarkets for example is tied for lowest commissions applied while also allowing for spread betting "arb", has been eroded, with just about every on-course bookmaker new generation of traders, most on what they call "the. They are a very good liquidity so a good place for casual gamblers to try where you can generate the. And in-running betting was taken. You do this by laying means you are either selling see why live and in-play or that you are betting. PARAGRAPHBut it was on British horse racing that it cut its teeth, and in the or presence at racecourses beyond go about their business, and. The best betting exchanges have the UK have very good liquidity and odds on straight their business online, betting with they assume you will come link to a colleague on.

means putting your money on something to happen - a horse or a team or a player to win. dum.spirebetting.com › Betfair Education › Beginner Guides. It is one component of matched betting, where punters both back and sell Just be sure to only use sites that are certified with the UK Gambling Commission.