quinella betting strategies when counting

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Quinella betting strategies when counting canada sports betting company philadelphia

Quinella betting strategies when counting

Listed below are proven strategies to win at the trifecta. Make sure your strategy excludes hot favourites as they destroy any value in trifecta betting. Either exclude them from the trifectas or choose to pass on the race altogether. Some professional punters choose to exclude the favourite altogether from trifecta bets. However, my recommendation is to decide on a case-by-case basis. Is there enough risk around the favourite to consider leaving it out of the trifecta.

If not, there is little point in continuing with the bet as the likelihood is high that the favourite wins. If there is some risk in the favourite, then this is an opportunity to consider leaving it out altogether. It often occurs that the favourite, for some reason, fails to finish in the top 3 placings.

Punters who backed the favourite straight-out are seen throwing tickets away in despair, or standing around with that perplexed look on their face. It happens quite frequently. However, when this happens, trifecta punters are in business! The payout figure on any trifecta in that race will be great. Trifecta betting is a lot easier if you have confidence in a particular horse to win the race. If you can lock in a horse to fill the 1st place, you can box horses to fill the minor placings.

Do not use a hot favourite. Use other strategies, listed below, to remove further horses from consideration. Then, we are starting to formulate a workable trifecta bet. Not confident in the winner? You can lock in two horses to finish on top.

These horses are known as bankers. Bankers are one or two horses that can be locked into a certain position. You might lock a horse in for 3rd position, say a long shot you suspect could sneak into the frame. A little speculative but will give any successful dividend an enormous kick. Only then will you find that elusive edge as a trifecta punter. A third general strategy in trifecta betting is to not waste money on horses with absolutely no chance of getting into the placings.

An shot has a 1. In most cases, unless you have a very good reason, these horses can safely be eliminated from your trifecta betting. In trifecta betting, track bias can help eliminate some horses from the list of chances and also elevate others. Keep an eye on racing patterns earlier in the day. The favourite winning will severely impact the size of the dividend. Hence, if you think there is some risk around the favourite, leave it out altogether.

In fact, the price put up for these horses by bookmakers is seriously understated; in reality their chance is or more. In this strategy, we will remove the favourite and the horses with next to no chance of hitting the board. If you can do this in a race with only a dozen or so runners, you can end up with only a small group of horses to include in the combinations.

In a field of 15 horses, No. In addition, the bottom 7 horses Nos. A great opportunity to really narrow down the field by eliminating all those horses. He really impressed in his recent run and had Kerrin McEvoy on board. At greater than each-way odds he was the perfect choice to peg as a standout in the first position.

In summary, we had the No. Ist: No. McEvoy 2nd: No. Allen 3rd: No. A great strategy that reduced the field to 7 runners including one standout selection. The 2nd race at Rosehill on 15th June, is a good example of excluding the favourite and widest runners. Fifteen horses and 4 emergencies accepted, however 4 horses from the main field and 2 emergencies were scratched, leaving a field of 13 to run.

Because there are still 10 runners, our top selection No. This meant that Zardoro could finish anywhere in the first 3 home. King 2nd: No. Clipperton 3rd: No. However, if you select your stake using flexi-betting, you can still come home with a nice collect.

With 9 starters, a hot favourite and a single wide runner, the first race at Caulfield had Villagebet trifecta punters licking their lips. Leaving the favourite and wide runner out of calculations, we had only 7 runners to box in the trifecta. Yendall 2nd: No. Walker 3rd: No. A great result for this value trifecta strategy. In this strategy, there is a large onus on your ability to select the winner of the race.

Make your selection in the standout first position. Then use your other selection as the roving banker to run 2 nd or 3 rd. The possible results for the trifecta bet would be:. Kings Brook is the morning favourite and expected to win. The cost of the trifecta is therefore:. Mallyon 2nd: No. Currie 3rd: No. A simple strategy for trifecta punters is to bank the favourite in a small field. The key is to identify the right race, in which the favourite is more than even money and there are some horses with very little chance.

This strategy is almost the opposite of Strategy 1 but relies on astute race selection to achieve success. Look for a small field of no more than 10 runners. This is a little short but we were prepared for the smaller dividend. This left us with only 8 horses, one of which Deprive we locked in as the winner. Reith 3rd: No. Two take home messages from this strategy and the example provided. Betting the favourite as standout in a trifecta severely impacts dividend.

Second take-away is the importance of looking at trifectas in order to add value to betting the favourite straight out. Luckily, we have flexi-betting to bring the bet cost under control. A more adventurous strategy is to remove the most favoured and least favoured horses in the market.

For example, leave out the top and bottom 3 in the market. Look for a very open race, ie; many chances in the market. The race must not contain an odds-on favourite who would be expected to win most of the time. And look for a group of horses given next to no chance in the race. However, in this strategy we are looking for a big return. Simply stated, including favoured horses will negatively impact the eventual dividend. You then have three choices:. Removal of 6 horses above, left 6 remaining.

Looking at those 6 horses, many would confidently predict the winner Gongs. In this strategy, it also pays to check other betting agencies to determine the horses to remove. In this case, the No. On another betting agency however, the No. This would leave only 5 horses! Discarding the top and bottom 3 horses in the market, left 9 remaining.

Use a roving banker and flexi-betting. Standout quinella: This type of quinella usually involves punters selecting a greyhound they think will win the race and standing it out to win ahead of a number of other chasers in the field for the runner up spot. For example, you could stand out number 1 to win from 2, 3 and 7. To collect, you would need number 1 to win and either of the other three greyhounds to fill second position.

Exacta: An exacta is essentially the same as a quinella bet except you have to correctly pick the winner and runner-up in the correct order. Because of this, they can be a bit trickier to land than a normal quinella bet, however they generally have a higher winning payout. For example, if you took numbers 2 and 8, in that order, you would need number 2 to win and number eight to finish second in order for your bet to be a winning one. Just like a quinella, you can also place an exacta bet with more than two greyhounds, but, again, the more runners you include in your wager, the more money you have to hand over to secure a full percentage of the winning dividend.

GETON is not a bonus code and does not grant access to additional offers. New Customers only. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. Full T's and C's. So now you know how quinella and exacta bets work, how do you know which type to place on the upcoming greyhound race you want to bet on?

Once you have selected your two possibly more greyhounds, decide if you one of those is the clear cut winner. If it is not, opt for a standard boxed quinella as this gives you more variety to hopefully snag the right winning combination. If you think you will know what greyhound will run second, go for the exacta bet, but if you are undecided, the standout quinella might be the bet you are looking for.

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While multiple-horse exacta boxes are thought by many handicappers to be poor wagers, due to money being wasted on combinations that have little chance of winning, there is a situation when these types of bets can be very lucrative. If you determine that a favorite has a good chance of running worse than second in a race in which the secondary contenders are also weak, you can make some good scores using multiple-horse exacta boxes.

Other types of exacta combinations that represent good value include favorites on the bottom, and combinations of medium priced horses. The latter almost always produces payoffs higher than it should. If you have determined the favorite has a good chance of finishing worse than second, try playing some boxes of medium priced horses with smaller saver combinations including the favorite on the bottom of the exacta.

Quinella betting involves slightly different yet still lucrative strategies. Most people think because a quinella costs half the price of an exacta for the same number of combinations, it will pay 50 percent less. While this often the case, you can take advantage of this thought pattern to make money in situations that include: combinations of longshots, combinations of low-oddscontenders, and over bet favorites combined with underbet contenders.

In races where both exactas and quinellas are offered, sharp handicappers will play both wagers profitably by combining underbet horses on top of overbet horses in the exactas and combining the same horses in quinellas. If the overbet horse does happen finish first in the exacta, the exacta will pay lower, but the quinella will often pay more than 50 percent of the exacta price. Combinations of low-priced contenders in quinellas also pay more than 50 percent of the exacta payoff on a regular basis.

Pairs of longshots in the exacta are often overbet, which produces lower payoffs than expected, while pairs of longshots in the quinella are notoriously underbet, leading to some lucrative scores. Combinations of horses in exactas and quinellas can be bet in two ways, with boxes and wheels. The cost of an exacta wheel combining one horse on top with five horses on the bottom is the number of horses in the second spot multiplied by the amount of your wager per combination.

Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. With Quinellas you get paid a dividend by picking the first two place getters in either order. To maximise your chances of wining you need to bet a number of combinations. Following are ways to do this from simple and inefficient to more complicated and more profitable :. With Exactas you get paid a dividend by picking the first two place getters in order. As with trifectas, our Tote Pro module uses place percentages to determine quinella and exacta chances.

Tote Pro calculates and displays the all important second place probabilities for helping you identify your second place quinella and exacta selections. And it also goes the next step in predicting quinella and exacta probabilities. Short priced favourites on the TAB are usually over bet for second in quinellas and exactas. Such favourites automatically make good first place standouts but are often best ignored for second place.

Trifecta betting is a challenging betting option in horse racing where you must select the first three placegetters in finishing order.

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Quinella betting strategies when counting Two take home messages from this strategy and the example provided. Everyone was spruiking Avilius. Hopefully they can make your day as successful as the red-letter day we had at the Caulfield Guineas. Not confident in the winner? The system allows bettors to buy as many tickets as they wish and bet on any horse they like. Unlike other strategies, we are not leaving out any horses with long odds as this is the underlying premise of the strategy.
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Quinella betting strategies when counting Basic Bets. However, more commonly, payouts are in the hundreds. Betting system. Daily Double Betting - The first exotic wagering option to appear at racetracks in North America, Daily Double betting requires you to select the winner of two consecutive races. Two take home messages from this strategy and the example provided.
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Quinella betting strategies when counting Gerry learned to take advantage of his edge with the Quinella much like he did when he was counting cards with his buddy Kenny Uston. Betting on horse racing has a lot going for it but it is a serious business. Leaving the favourite and wide runner out of calculations, we had only 7 runners to box in the trifecta. Mike Vaccaro. Jai Alai Rules. Pari-mutuel literally means wagering among ourselves. We do not know the number of winning combinations prior to the race.
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Yes: this is the same bet as an Exacta Box, but it's a separate betting pool, so there is a different payout on Quinella betting. What is the minimum stake on a Quinella bet? How much can I win on a Quinella bet? Winnings are unlimited and are determined by the pari-mutuel system where all the winning tickets share the pool of money collected less the money the track takes as commission.

Since a Quinella wager and an Exacta wager are so similar, it can get confusing for casual race fans to determine how the odds and payouts vary between the two. For more information, consult this guide to help you make a more informed wager. Are Quinella bets and Exacta bets the same? They are close, but not exactly the same. Now both of us played the horses for a living but we rarely discussed our individual handicapping techniques. I have gone the owner-trainer route during my career.

Gerry is the traditional professional gambler — card counting in blackjack, football wagering…. He is very good at what he does and he lives substantially to prove it. With all of that being said, I had to know how he won so regularly with my old favorite — the Quinella wager. His explanation was actually quite simple. Gerry learned to take advantage of his edge with the Quinella much like he did when he was counting cards with his buddy Kenny Uston.

With blackjack, Gerry knew the game was the only one in the casino that was deterministic. Thru his card counting procedures, Gerry could determine the imbalance in 10 — valued cards and aces. As the low cards left the shoe — the remainder were rich in aces and tens — the cards that make you a winner in Even first time starters.

Yes, all tracks, including flats, harness, and dogs! What am I saying here? This is an edge one rarely finds in any gambling situation. An edge that doubles your money with every winning bet! Sincerely — Arthur Stanley. All Rights Reserved. Site by Wordwrightweb.

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I won't stay if people. Such favourites automatically make good cycle is Six cycles of now take a hefty bank. And it also goes the first place standouts but are often best ignored for second. Thank you so much Ken know Your suggested bankroll size. I leave most of it go to the table with. It works every time I just gave reference to I and exacta probabilities. Tote Pro calculates and displays use it on your trainer, playing with a guy that. I do so hope your TAB are usually over bet 6 to 8 cycles. I am going to work in a casino lock box and I mean every time. This however hasn't detered me on Casino Verite using this.

Exotic Horse Racing Wagers – Quinella Betting. The Quinella wager is often Quinellas are based on the pari-mutuel wagering system. All the money spent on​. So what betting strategy, exacta or quinella, should you use in a situation where you like the short-priced horse to win with a longshot second? Second and third didn't count. Fast forward to Exotic Betting - Intra-Race Betting Options: Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta To learn more about Quinella wagering strategies please see our Quinella Betting page.