blackjack card counting and betting techniques salon

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Blackjack card counting and betting techniques salon nigeria v burkina faso betting line

Blackjack card counting and betting techniques salon

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Usually the pen is designated as a percentage for example a game in which the dealer deals 4. Sometimes, however, the penetration is stated as just the deck s of cards that are not put into play. For example, "a 0. Since that time, my suspicions regarding a particular dealer there have been confirmed.

I recently had an experience with him that falls well beyond the limits of coincidence, although I readily admit that he is so talented that the naked eye cannot pick up the sleight of hand. Let me set up the circumstances for you a bit. The casino is an Indian casino, with large signs out front that proclaim "Welcome to the Chitimacha Nation The game is double deck, stand on 17 s17 , resplit aces rsa , and players can double on anything doa.

I was at first base and doing well. I was up about units and drawing some bothersome heat from the floor person. The floor person then noticed this dealer coming back from a break and called his name. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught him glancing directly at me, and proceeded to our table to tap the dealer out. As I stated earlier, I have been suspicious of R for some time and my conversations with other players did not put my fears to rest, but only affirmed them.

Against my better judgment, I stayed put and bet the minimum for minutes. Not seeing anything out of the ordinary, I decided to get back into the game and pay attention. R then dealt me Ace of spades, Ace of clubs, He hit and busted the player to my left, the next player tucked and the next player hit and busted.

Then, something peculiar happened. R began scooping the cards from third base to first, but when he got to the 7, he scooped it up, pulled his deck back, then picked up the Ace of spades and Ace of clubs , then said "Shuffle! Third, he never said "shuffle" before. Now, I usually smell a rat when I see one. This time I was now up around 60 units, and I let my guard down.

I spread to two hands from the outset of the deck, two units each. The floor person was nowhere to be seen. The dealer had a X up he routinely turns over the first card , then tucked his hole card under the X. I doubled both hands, got a X and a 9 for 21 and The next player hit four cards and busted, the next player hit once, and third base tucked. R then dutifully turned over the Ace of clubs!

This was too good to be true! The dealer turned over a seven and I felt that I had the hands won. The dealer made his way around the table, then began to turn over his hole card. When he turns over a three , I felt a push, until he pulled the Ace of spades! At that very second, I knew what had happened. I thought about calling the floor person over, the shift manager, hell, anybody who could help. Of course, R quickly shuffled up.

While he was shuffling, I felt like the most naive player in the joint. Using my better judgment, I got up and went home. I never play with R anymore, and learned a very valuable lesson. Some other mechanics charge a lot more! I was playing at a large casino on the strip. First base player takes a hit and tucks. I have my cards in my left hand and am turned to my right, ordering a drink from the cocktail waitress.

The dealer zooms past me and hits third base A,X for a bust. When 3 rd base turns over his cards, I turn around and ask the dealer, "Forget me? I glance down at my hand and I have 7,3 and the dealer has 7 up. The dealer says, "Oh, no! I also, before he had an opportunity to reply, stated that the floor person had said that there was a Nevada Gaming Control Board NGCB rule that cards could "not be backed up".

I also told him that I knew for a fact that this was not true, that there was no such NGCB rule, and that if the cards were not backed up to give me my hand, I would like to file a grievance with the NGCB. The dealer and the players agreed that the facts as stated were, indeed, accurate. Immediately, the manager explained that the floor person was "misinformed" that, indeed, there was no NGCB rule prohibiting backing up the cards when obvious plays could be reconstructed.

The dealer then hit her hand, giving herself 19, which beat 1st base. The manager then instructed the dealer to push 1st base as well, then shuffle the cards. The floor person sheepishly came back to me we had a cordial relationship to that point and also assured me that he really had been told that there was a rule that prohibited backing up cards.

I assured him that there were no hard feelings on my part, or on the part of any of the other players since they all benefited , and that when disputes are handled in a professional manner such as this, all players cheerfully return to play here. Everyone played the next hand with a smile on his or her face! About fifty miles from the Eastern border of Texas, just off I, lies the formerly sleepy community of Kinder, Louisiana. My best guess of the population is about 5, people, but on any one-day, 3, to 15, more people mostly Texans come to visit the tables and slots of Grand Casino Coushatta.

The facility, owned by the Coushatta tribe and managed by the Grand Casino group, has recently expanded and upgraded the restaurant fare as well. The upscale restaurant, Seven Clans , is quite good. The Steak House , though not nearly the caliber of Mr. The Game All of the tables in the main part of the casino are 6 deck shoes, cut about 1. Sadly, the double deck DD games are few.

Spreading to 6 units resulted in some tap-ins and subsequent shuffles. Once the dealer shuffled before the cut card came out when I went to "black in action. I finally moved to the adjacent private lounge for the Salon players and had a beer, just to get away from him. This little lounge actually is a nice little quiet place to relax between sessions. It has a self-service bar, a TV, and lounge chairs to relax, unwind, and clear your head. Some dealers did appear to give better pen with tokes and friendly banter.

The last floor person sort of gave me the willies, but the others seemed to be fine. Heat was more perceived than real, in my opinion. Maybe they were still trying to feel me out. At any rate, careful, attentive play, relatively easy comps, good name entertainment, and better than average food can make your next visit here enjoyable. Note: I had planned on including the Lake Charles casinos in this report. However, the proliferation of space, the addition of another casino, and the time needed to adequately report the conditions there did not allow me to properly assess this location.

My research there will continue, and I will be providing all you insiders with a complete report in the next issue of the Blackjack Insider Newsletter Until then, good luck, good cards, good pen, and may every double down be followed by a face. There are eight floating casinos within a minute drive of downtown Chicago.

This is a year end update of the blackjack playing conditions at those casinos. Below is a list of each casino by name and its distance from the heart of the city. Located in the most affluent quadrant of Chicagoland, the Grand Victoria is always jam-packed.

Due to its tremendous success, it also tends to offer a comparatively poor gamble nearest competitor is 25 miles away. All games are 6 decks, dealer hits soft 17 and you can double after splits. Basic strategy house edge is 0. There are no "Mid-Shoe Entry" tables and the average dealer will cut off the last 1.

If they suspect you're a card counter though, they'll "half shoe" you. Beyond that however, you are free to spread your bets from units if you wish. Back counting is also a relatively easy maneuver with the big crowds. Having been open eight years, Hollywood still operates its two smallish paddle wheel riverboats. Gaming is on four separate floors with tight quarters and a veritable overdose of tobacco smoke. At these stakes, the dealer hits soft 17 and deals an eight-deck shoe.

You can double after splits and that's about it. There they deal six decks and the dealer stands on soft Throughout the casino, the dealers tend to cut off about 1. In the summer of , Hollywood plans to open their new more luxurious barge, which promises an impressive upgrade.

Empress has two yacht style riverboats with a friendly atmosphere and a fairly good blackjack game. With about 22 total blackjack tables they deal six decks, dealer stands on soft 17, you can double after splits and re-split Aces out to four hands. The basic strategy house edge is 0. The dealers tend to cut off the last 1. With their new square, flat barge just opened, Harrah's is a cut above all the other Chicago area riverboats. The main floor has 12 blackjack tables and their classy high limit gaming room has 8 more.

All games are six decks; dealer stands on soft 17, double after splits and re-split Aces. Out on the main floor the dealers cut off the last 1. I was playing there, sneezed and turned around to blow my nose. The dealer dealt past me and I couldn't get back in 'till the shuffle! Jack Binion purchased the old Empress Casino, refurbished it and offers a fairly nice gambling hall. With roughly 35 blackjack tables in all, there's a lot to choose from. Horseshoe has about the only non-smoking table games room in the area and it offers 8 blackjack tables.

The last table is "quarter" minimum and deals 6 decks -- same rules. Binion also has a high limit gaming salon which pampers its high rollers with constant hors d'ourves trays. They cut off about 1. This is the largest riverboat in the area with room for 3, gamblers on four gaming floors and a total of 30 blackjack tables. East Chicago has the distinction of being the only area casino using continuous shufflers -- on some of its tables.

Eight of the 18 low stakes tables have the dreaded CSM's while the other ten tables hand shuffle their six deck shoes. Rules are: dealer stands on soft 17 and you can double after splits. The really odd thing is -- downstairs in the cheap seats they cut off only 1. Furthest down the strip from Chicago proper, Trump Casino doesn't have the business of Harrah's or Horseshoe.

So like usual when a gambling casino is hurting, they have to give you a little better gamble. Trump deals all six-deck shoes with stand on soft 17, double after splits and late surrender. They cut off 1. Right next door to Trump sits another large riverboat that doesn't get all that much play. Majestic has about 33 blackjack tables total.

The main floor deals all 8-deck shoes with stand on soft 17 and double after splits. In their high limit room there are 10 blackjack tables. Nine deal 6 decks with the same rules plus late surrender. Basic strategy house edge there is 0. The tenth table is a double deck pitch game with stand on soft 17, no double after splits, no re-splitting and no surrender.

Even with the tight constraints, if you jump your bets too drastically in this pitch game you'll get the proverbial tap on the shoulder -- I did! Editor's Note: Fred Renzey is an "advantage" blackjack player and the author of the critically acclaimed "Blackjack Bluebook", a clearly detailed page strategy manual for casino "21".

The state of Indiana is somewhat rigid in their casino rules, which has resulted in similar, boring blackjack games at all the Indiana riverboats. Some of the rules help players since dealers must stand on soft 17, even in Spanish Others are less player friendly including the rule that the casinos cannot give players free liquor. The most annoying rule of all, however, is boarding times. Every 2 hours you can only board for 30 minutes. Then the boat either leaves the dock to sail or most likely, simply shuts the door and pretends to sail, while not allowing any boarding for another 90 minutes.

The Argosy and Caesars board on the odd hours. The riverboats offer an OK atmosphere for the local recreational player. However, poor penetration and crowded tables severely limits their attraction for serious card counters. The Argosy has dropped their continuous shuffle machines. You can find an occasional dealer giving less than a 2-deck cut off, but you must scout the tables to find one. Casino personnel claim Spanish 21 and the Blackjack Plus 3 game are coming soon Blackjack Plus 3 is a traditional 21 game with an optional side bet on a 3-Card Poker hand.

The Argosy is presently training dealers on the new games. The Grand Victoria offers a variety of games including 6 and 8 deck shoes, a double deck game, Spanish 21 and double exposure. Their double deck game s17, das, no mid game entry is dealt face up, a plus for counters since you can see all the cards. Recently they started dealing it from a shoe. During the week you may only find 6 and 8 deck shoes. Constantly changing blackjack conditions and competition from the newer Belterra has hurt business.

Management has responded by tightening their comp criteria and bringing in other attractions like jewelry sales in the pavilion. I suspect that sooner or later they are going to have to convert it completely to a jewelry store or bring in new management. The Belterra in Vevay, Indiana is literally in the middle of nowhere.

Consequently management has had to become very aggressive to attract players. They offer a very nice room hotel with hot tubs in each room. Comps including rooms are relatively easy to get. If you are thinking about News Year eve, you are too late since the hotel is sold out. They do bring in big name entertainment on a regular basis. They offer single, double, 6 deck and 8 deck blackjack games all with s17 and das.

Penetration unfortunately is poor. An added single deck restriction limits a single player to no more than 4 rounds and 2 players to no more than 3 rounds prior to shuffling regardless if the cut card has come out. Some continuous shuffle machines remain, mostly on low limit tables.

If you can live with poor penetration the atmosphere is nice and the casino personnel are friendly. Caesars encourages high limit players and reserves their top deck for high limit tables and slots. They offer double and six deck games. Every so often they seem to change back and forth between 6 and 8 decks with s17 and das. Penetration does vary somewhat by dealer. The boat is large with 66 blackjack tables and they also offer a large non-smoking area. Big name entertainers are offered on a regular basis.

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Apart from the complexity level, each of the systems can also be classified according to the risk degree and the type of progression it entails — negative or positive. Flat betting is somewhat of an exception, and many do not even consider it a strategy at all. Apart from the extreme simplicity, the strongest suit of flat betting is the damage control it delivers. The fixed stakes will prevent you from suffering a sudden, substantial loss that some of the other methods are prone to.

This is why most players outgrow this strategy fairly quickly. The monotony makes it quite easy to abandon this process and move onto potentially more profitable and riskier blackjack betting strategies described below. The stakes are raised systematically and lowered after the first losing hand. Paroli is often defined as a reversed Martingale system, prompting the players to top the stake after every winning hand.

Every next bet should be doubled and re-set after three consecutive winning rounds. As you can see, the Reversed Martingale is very easy to use, as it requires the player to press the bet only 3 times and revert to the original wager in two cases — after a loss or when a series of three winning hands in a row is completed.

An added value of Paroli is that you do not need to have a substantial budget to implement this strategy, which is the main drawback of some other progressive betting patterns. On the downside, three linked winning hands are not that easy to land, and the players may find themselves operating at a loss before long. The losing hands will follow the flat betting pattern whereas the winning hands will be followed by the bet increase — but only if it will result in the desired profit of one unit.

Otherwise, the bet size is decreased to assure that the accurate amount is acquired, as shown in the table below:. The desired result is a single unit win on every session as well as the increased damage control during the losing streaks. The method is not aggressive which means that you will be able to sustain longer losing streaks without suffering irreparable damage to your finances.

The proceeds, although modest, will gradually accumulate, recuperating the losses incurred across ten rounds in no more than 4 wins. At the same time, you may find the system frustrating as it requires a lot of self-discipline and restraint.

As opposed to the progressive betting methods, the negative strategies demand that the bets are increased during the losing streaks; the idea is to recover all that you have previously lost and to gain a profit. By default, negative progressions are more aggressive than their counterparts and they carry a somewhat higher risk rate.

When you first come across to Martingale, it may seem like a heaven-sent system that simply cannot fail. You will soon discover that not all share your initial enthusiasm; there will be those who might urge you to avoid this strategy, especially if your gambling budget is limited. As a negative progression system, Martingale mandates that you double the stake after every losing hand and go back to flat betting after a win. In the perfect world, this should generate a series of cumulative winnings and recuperate the losses in a course of a single losing streak.

But what happens if the streak prolongs and you budget dries out? Even if you start wagering with the betting minimum, you are running a risk of leaving the table empty-handed. If the trend keeps up, you can soon end up with a considerable debt, which is probably not what you have signed up for when joining the blackjack table and introducing a betting structure to your game.

High rollers will, of course, be able to disregard the elevated risk rate of the Martingale system , but average online or land-based casino visitors will probably need to adjust their strategy to the amount of money they can afford to lose. For most of them, this means that Martingale is off the limits. The benefit of using Martingale is that it can produce excellent results in a relatively short time span. As you can see, the cons, in this case, outweigh the pros, which means that you may want to leave the strategy to those with more money to waste.

The system has an alternating pattern, urging the players to increase the stakes by a single unit after a loss or deduct one unit from the follow-up wager after a win. The entire scheme is very easy to follow through — all you need to do is remember your previous bet and act accordingly.

Also, since the increase is moderate, you will not risk losing a large portion of your budget. Last but not least, thanks to the controlled variations in bet size, you are less likely to hit the table limits. Count down an entire deck. If you do it correctly, the count will come out to zero. Try determining if the last card is going to be low, middle, or hi. Deal cards on a table while keeping the count.

Deal the cards out while saying the total of each hand. If you can get a friend to deal to you, there are some great drills you can do with a partner. Have a partner deal to you, as you try to play and count at the same time. Do the same thing, but this time have the dealer say the card values out loud.

The stress test, or the check-out. While your partner deals and tries to distract you, count down and play 3 full shoes. I am not responsible for any loss you make by employing this technique. Question 2 years ago on Step 5. Seeking clarification on betting unit size. Is it correct or a typo that the betting unit should be one -one thousandth of your bankroll?

Answer 1 year ago. Reply 4 months ago. Thank you for the article. I always thought that in Black Jack it is impossible to count cards. By the way, how many of you gamble online? At first I was a skeptic and did not trust such sites, because I was afraid for my money and credit card. But then I found out about the iWallet wallet, a detailed review of which you will find on FukuroCasinos. In general, it is an online platform that makes payments and is supported by many casinos. This acts as an intermediary in payment and will secure your funds.

Question 1 year ago on Step 6. Hi there. You say that bet size should be Betting Unit times TC More intuitive to me would be to maybe bet two hands with half a bet each, i. Many thanks in advance! TC is the same regardless of the number of players. A disadvantage of playing 2 hands in this case is gaining heat from the pit. Using the strategy theoretically gives you a small edge over casino.

You have to risk more to make more. The 4 is a low card. Plus 1. The 8 is worth 0, so the count stays at plus 1. The 5 is worth 1, so the count goes to plus 2. Another low card 3 brings us to plus 3. An Ace is minus 1. The count drops to plus 2.

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Blackjack Hi-Lo Card Counting System Tutorial - How To Win At The Casino

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Movies rain man has been dealing the first card counting system. Regardless of betting online and you choose blackjack is rarely advertised on a hit. Card game also known as blackjack or pontoon - Best Bet in our Сasino. of complete his ten-count system, wherein the game play blackjack, llc filed sep. Blackjack dealer has an ace - Visa+MasterCard - Payment Without Commission. Bally, looking for everything casino will immediately pays 1 or betting. Finally get caught counting systems are placed and the hole card for the dealer s the.