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More potions mod 1-3 2-4 betting system

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RhinoSG Rookie 10 May 29, Sorry, I think I do not understand what you are saying. Are you saying that you think the potions are automatically created without using any of the ingredients in the inventory? You definitely need those ingredients in your bag or they aren't created during meditation. Glaedr Forum regular 11 May 29, Gotta say i liked TW1 potion system far more than i do this one, it was "just right" in terms of ingredient gathering and mixing imo. Killgrow Rookie 13 May 29, I hated the old system - I never used the potions because the collecting was a pain.

At least in W3 I use potions now, That said, if you liked the hunt for ingredients aspect and the pre-fight application, that is gone and I can see why you would not like this system. I wonder if there is a way to allow both? My guess is with W3 begin so huge, they did not want you to have to get items all the time for your potions?

Its also harder to do pre-fight prep in an open world. Killgrow said:. Elcontusion Forum regular 15 May 29, Now i'm Scrotie McAlchemyballs. Exentryk Senior user 17 May 29, I like the current system. The old system was too annoying. The result ended up being that I never bothered with using potions, or oil etc. Now, I use them all the time. It's great. The oils are still bad tho, coz you can't use them in combat. Sometimes I don't even know who I am fighting until I run in to combat mode.

All potions in this mod are brewed in the vanilla Brewing Stand with vanilla items and have the standard splash, lingering and arrow variants; some of them may also have redstone and glowstone enhancements. Every single potion can be individually disabled in the config file. Minecraft Forge. Fabric Modloader. Fabric API. Download from Server 1 — Download from Server 2. Fabric version: Download from Server 1 — Download from Server 2. Potion of Dislocation This potion teleports the entity around in a 8 blocks radius, randomly.

Useful to disorient players and to avoid arrows. Recipe : Chorus Fruit into a Mundane potion base Glowstone: Increases the frequency of teleports Redstone : Increases duration Potion of Fuse This potion makes the entity explode when the countdown reaches zero. It damages blocks and entities. Recipe : Any firework charge into an Awkward potion base Glowstone : Makes the explosion bigger and stronger Redstone : Differently from other potions, shortens the duration Potion of Magnetism This potion expands the radius in which you pick up items by 4 in every direction, as long as the player is not sneaking.

This only applies to the potion effect, you will still pick dropped items up after 5 seconds, or by walking near them vanilla pick up radius not affected. Non-player entities are not affected. Recipe : An iron ingot into an Awkward potion base Glowstone: Makes the radius bigger by 2 and removes the pick up cooldown Redstone : Increases duration Potion of Sinking This potion makes swimming more difficult by dragging entities downwards when in water.

Also useful when exploring depths, as it makes sinking faster. Recipe : Clay ball into a water breathing potion base Glowstone: Makes sinking faster Redstone : Increases duration Potion of Recall When the countdown reaches 0 this potion teleports the entity back to where they got the effect.

If the potion fails to teleport the entity inter-dimentionally, it instead deals a small magic damage. Recipe : An ender eye into a long slowness potion base Glowstone: Makes the potion work through different dimensions Redstone : Increases duration Potion of Pacifism This potion prevents the affected entity from dealing fighting damage for a short period of time.

No more struggling to get your items back from a mob-infested area. This unfortunately makes the animals really hungry and they will chase you for a long time, at increased speed. Hint: Keep a bucket of milk handy to stop luring them around. Recipe : Wheat into an Awkward potion base Glowstone: Makes the animals hungrier so that they chase you faster Redstone : Increases duration Potion of Crumbling This potion corrodes the earth below your feet.

Works for every potion Yes, invisibility too. Recipe : An egg into an awkward potion base No glowstone or redstone variants Potion of Freezing Slow your enemies down with some good old ice.


Their brilliance makes them THE paints for colour highlighting over enamels and very bright effects. On the adverse side they can be tricky in use and tend to be rather too awkward for general application so experience is an advantage here. Poster Paints: Water soluble poster paints aren't really of much use to the miniatures' artist ; they tend to be too thick with coarse pigmentation and a colourless medium.

Even so I heartily recommend the fluorescent colours by Rowney. These are fine pigment acrylicc type compounds, and are, as far as I know, the widest range of fluorescent colours available. They are ideal for torches, light sabres, and monstrous eyes, as well as highlighting applications. Oil based poster colours are a classic modellers' paint. They are only obtainable from specialist model shops, and are ideal for clothing and tougher than the ubiquitous Humbrol, although they tend to be rather thick and come expensive.

Inks: Artists' inks are indispendable to many of my special effects, for they are really the only truly transparent colours available, exceeding anything else in this respect. Properly used inks can be truly amazing but it does take experience to master the many possible effects.

The best idea is to practice and experiment to see what effects you can achieve. Designers' Goache : Very good for horses, leather, and clothes with fine washes, but I don't use it widely because thinned down oils or enamels are as effective without the disadvantages attending a water soluble paint. Available from Hinchliffe Models Ltd in a spray can is a matt varnish which actually works. The wise painter will first cover his painted figure with a stronger and more transparent gloss polyurethene varnish and then give it a thin spray of the matt varnish.

This gives a good matt effect and is preferable because a thick layer of the spray does tend to dull and yellow the colour. When using varnish it is possible to employ the thinnest washes and softest paints without fear of their rubbing off. I also recommend bases if the figures are to be used in gaming There's only one kind of brush for miniatures' work - fine sable artists' water-colour brushes.

Even for covering large areas, they give significantly better results. Obviously the choice of makes is subject to local availability. Japanese nylon brushes may be cheap and durable but they really aren't good enough. Whatever you do, don't waste your money on the so-called modellers' brushes that are marketed by a very well known paint firm.

Frankly, I'd rather paint with a matchstick. Sable brushes cost money, but if you think of them in terms of figures not ruined by bodged paint jobs, they don't seem so expensive after all. When buying, go for a variety of sizes. The really small brushes 00, don't carry much paint at a time, whilst a 0 or a 1 will carry plenty. Remember it is not the nominal size of the brush that matters so much as the size of the point on the tip.

If you can only afford one brush go for a good quality size 1 or 2. The better the tools the better the work I use size 1 for just about everything. When you've chosen the size you want check the point by moistening the end and by all means have a chat with the assistant. As I've just said the results you achieve depend on the class of your brush and a good brush will have all of the following qualities : 1 : A fine tip that will deliver a very precise amount of paint exactly where it's wanted.

Again you don't need an ultra small brush to do this. Keep it for dry brushing chain mail - as will be described in the concluding part of the article, next issue. When your faithful brush has become worn or splayed out from use give the poor thing an honourable retirement. You can afford to be fussy because a bad brush can ruin a lot of figures and often the artist thinks that it's his painting that's doing it.

If you leave paint to dry on the brush it forms a deposit on the root that causes splaying and will probably end up putting little particles of dried paint in the mixture which will give your masterpiece the subtle texture of a bomb site. Acrylics are notorious for clogging and are next to impossible to get out when dried. The When painting never push the brush forwards. Always draw it acrossthe figure trailing the hairs so that the paint flows from the root to the tip. This needs a very light touch when painting into cracks.

If you paint the wrong way the root will become irreversably gunged, and you shouldn't even have paint that far up the brush anyway. As far as this article goes I shall assume that you are using Humbrol authentics or something similar. Whether you are blending your colours or using them straight, you are going to need a palatte of some sort. The best job for this is a piece of clean polythene as in plastic bags. You can get a wax paper tear off palette but these tend to disintergrate and are utterly useless for water based paints.

You are also going to need a roll of kitchen paper for wiping the brushes and for cleaning up paint spills. Use a key or a screwdriver to lever the lids off the paint Finally, try and work in a dust free room with plenty of light and without interruption. Next issue, in the concluding part of the article, I will deal with the actual painting of figures, detailing step by step guidelines.

Brawling Farce Loader - Force Cmdr. Intelligence Sch. Training Cavalry. So me h alant ci vilian rule ru o f cho ice of LAG. All sl Ils acquired by characters his do s no and agency training have been 9iven. T ducmg lt all be useful in this scenario. We will r be price demand' for maintaining 9 t, awl, awkward ward jobs the Im perium we now aearance of pro-of that these itorn s are ending up in S g th ' el r of not briefi subsequent the hands, and investigations,.

He then giving rt we e. As an usual outline of Y ant detailed it Will be your own the Methods and your respons Imperiumpresents's nd the their conclusio ns :e any cargo not We therefore have three objectives tothi ' s requirements mission. Rose operation official? In u Organised as a led io to e. The force is team 1, two a edge of official retirement age" nsive training in commando, Intelligencetheir'cover' jobs. Inte ell as learnin9 tions have uch on he for lets w descrip : as normally ter d formation en three, each.

Staff Coll x2. In this Dagger and a Character Up? It's landmasses are concentrated in the equatorial band and southern hemisphere in three large and numerous small islands. The population is spread throughout the land area, except for the few islands in the north, which are subject to regular tect.

Flare and fauna are mainly harmless and unlikely to worry anyone taking normal travel precautions. Vehicles A - L should be placed on the relevant spaces on the map. Alell is the second planet out from the sun. The main navigational problem is posed by perturbations in the planet's orbit, and reference to orbit tables is essential to an economic approach.

Customs and Excise. All visitors must report to either of the two orbital stations prior to landing, failure to report constitutes an unlawful planetfall. All weapons, items of Tech 9 or higher, and all gems and crystals are illegal imports unless declared and subsequently licensed by the Alell government.

The authorities will normally issue a temporarylicense forships and permanent fixtures thereof. Transportation: Regular weekly frequency service to Efate and Uakye , together with many contract and charter vessels. Less frequent departures for Whanga No direct route exists to Knorbes or Roup , but occasional tramps or charters might be found to these desti.

Port Facilities: The two orbital stations are at opposition in the same orbit equatorial. Both are standard Imperium designs Type JL-5a capable of docking directly to the station any vessel of tons or less. Extending booms can cater for larger vessels. In all cases standard Imperium locking and electronic connectors are required. All usual planetary transfer services are available. Good quality maintenanceandrepair facilities are available for ships and equipment of Tech 10 and below.

Emergency repairsonly are available through government agencies for higher Tech levels. Politics and Mores: Aleli is amongst the common category of communistic worlds. Government is carried out by a bureaucracy dedicated to the greater good ; private enterprise and personal advancement is discouraged. Theaverage citizen is shy of strangers, if not brusque, only relaxing when not in a public place.

Conversation with strangers is generally limited to short answers to a request for directions. The police forces ofwhich thereare many different levels are more forthcoming, but should be approached respectfully, and should be obeyed at all timesat the risk of incarceration. Main Exports : Most types of medium-level technology equipment and parts except weaponry, and some basicmetalores and refined products. The economy is strictly government controlled ; very little free enterprise trading is permitted.

Off-planet importers and exportersmust invariably deal directly with government officials. Firstly, it provides the transient workforce associated with any starport, and offworld visitors of all but the highestsocial standing, with accomodation. Secondly, it houses the primary stages of import distribution and export goods collection conveniently close to the starport terminal facilities. Thirdly, it contains the lower end of the Naness entertainments industry, including all the offworldtemptationsso frowned upon by Alellian morality and yet so alluring to Alellian curiosity.

It is in other words an archetypal low-rent district, and as such does not represent the pinnacle of urban environment. Warehousing, subsistence4evel hostels and apartments, and associated establishments - corner food bars, clubs, general stores - all jostle for a place; all present a rather run-down appearance.

Most buildings are over a century old Alell is quite kind to man-made structures , but some rebuilding has interrupted the original street plan. Offworlders receive grudging acceptance in the Quarter, and short shrift outside of it unless of the nobility or a trading magnate.

Almost anything authorised for general sale and a few things that aren't can be bought here. Thus the streets - though nowhere near as crowded as, forexample, the Artisan's Quarter - are well-used by native Alellians generally trying to draw as little attention as possible to themselves. Sector, Alaness Gt y.

By this time the Task Force players should have studied Modules 3,4,5 and 6. Mentieth continues with the briefing : 'The physical objectives of this operation are twofold - the Club owner, oneJurgen Cotterell, is also theman responsiblefor org anising this piracy. He is preferably to be captured, if not, eliminated. Secondly, in Cotterell's office will be documentsre, latingtotransactionsbetween Cotterell and theAlellgovernment in pirated cargo, and these are to be brought back to me.

You will also leave within the Club premises a letter from the Sub. Most of this information has been gained by agents posing as customers, delivery driversandso on. Module5represents a summary of information gathered on the layout; no detailed room descriptions are available, but the Referee is to make available some information on the 'publid rooms, and the players should be able to make reasonable assumptions as to theother room's uses based on the furniture layout.

The Referee will also provide some additional Traffic Regulations In common with most of the more advanced worlds, a threedimensional traffic system is operated. Ground cars, and other vehicles in ground mode, drive on the right. Air vehicles fly in a stacked directional system. As Naness and the starport are both on the coastal plain, there are standard altitude bands also used over sea , but elsewhere on the planet, inland, a groundfollowing altitude system is employed. Changes of direction sector, and transition from ground to air and vice-versa, must be made in a directly vertical mode - penalties for oblique transfers and indeed traffic infringements generally are severe.

Various visual and radar signals inform other fliers of vehicles changing bands. Vehicles may not overfly a number of locations such as the starport field area , but there are few of these in the chy. The standard stacked directional system is: m Level flight is prohibited the tallest buildings m m m m m This band is reserved for emergency vehicles only - civilian level flight is prohibited. Southbound sector traffic band. Westbound sector traffic band. Eastbound sector traffic band. Northbound sector traffic band.

Reserved for Police patrols and emergency services - civilian level flight prohibited. I 1 kat. As a preliminary move, one or two members of the Task Force have been given cover jobs at the Starport and rooms at the Longshoremans' Hostel about a month before the actual raid attempt Force Leader to decide whether one or two and which team members.

Underground it is almost clinical, with high technology communications, workshops, firing ranges and rest facilities. All Task Force members except of course those at the Longshoremans' Hostel have adequate cover stories to get them onto the planet and to the warehouse.

This is where they will equip themselves forthe mission, and receivethevehicles they require. In order to protect the PRSI's undercover operations on Alell, the Task Force must take standard precautionsto disguise the point of departure, and will make their getaway from the Club directly to the Starport thus claiming the sanctuary of Imperial territory and board an Imperial Kinunir class Battle Each of the four directional bands covers a arc - that for the Northbound sector being through 00 true north to , for example.

It is considered very bad flying manners to set a course very close ie. If such a direction is required it is usual to follow a dogleg course, making one change of heading and band transfer. The higher degree course has right of way within sectors courses west of north in the Northbound sector are usually referred to in minus degrees , thus superior traffic is from the left - i.

Larfoten Place runs west,deeper into theJourneymans' Quarter, Some years old, the club was originally a lapidary's workshop andemporium. It hasbeen a club forthe last 58 years, the present owner taking it over six years ago. Adjacent to the club's yard is a Bakery. At the front is a shop for the purchase of wares -the side door is a fire exit.

On the opposite side of Larfoten Place is the insalubrious Longshoremans' Hostel, occupied by starport freight loaders and a varietyof unsavoury characters. Apartfrom the lobby, the other ground floor front rooms are a dining room to the left and a bar to the right. A side door from the bar opens onto the vehicle passage, which runs under the bedroom stories to a back yard.

Next door to it, the Laundry has a relatively high reputation including Diplomatic Quarter customers amongst it's clientele. It is a rather blank building with toplight windows, and fire exits onto the Hostel's vehicle passage and onto Larfoten Place, and a reception office and large doors leading into an indoor loading bay. Next door to the Laundry, on Mayalin Street, is a small general store. Both the warehouse opposite the club on Becker Street,and the onesouth of the alley, areof newer construction and present windowless faces on these sides they have rooflights.

The door onto the alley is a fire exit. In addition to concealing weaponry and equipment, the Task Force players must attempt to get as close as possible to the target without alerting Club personnelto their purpose. This area of operational planning is obviously one which players should give much thought to. The following conditions for the night the scenario takes place may be relevant : The attempt is to be made after the Club opens for the evening, after dusk. The Referee will provide weather details when the actual scenario starts.

The act at the Club, the Markku Beowight Synthesiser Trio, is playing its first ever night'sperformance on Alell the Referee can provide further details of the group , and a party of foreign junior diplomats- all members of the Club's gambling sectionare taking four guests not known at the Club for an evening on thetables. Both the group and the guests could be impersonated, although the Club personnel may well be particularly suspicious of thesetwo parties.

This information may be used or not as the Task Force players wish. In the N. Various piles of empty crates, barrels and debris are scattered about ; item A is a large liquid fuel tank inflammable , whilst B is the Cellar hatch referred to in Room Room Descriptions : Ground Floor 1. Male Toilets: Consists of urinal against E. Windowshigh up and translucent. Cleaner'sStore: Shelves containing cleaning and indoor plant maintenance equipment, with hydrostatic cleaners under.

The door is normally locked ;window translucent. Female Toilets. Three W,C. Windows high up and Translucent. Foyer: Double piexiglass swinging doors open onto street and main lounge, Plant container next to window. Both sets of double doors are lockable. Corn-console on counter, Club Alert button under counter against W, wall.

A stool and two coat racks complete the furniture. Ante-Room One. In the NE. Boiler Room: In the SE. In the NW, corner stands a bureau for fuel delivery and servicing records, together with apanel over it containing heating controls and shut-off. Along W. At this time also, the Club Manager 2 and Steward 3 are present to deal with paperwork and deliveries, and around noon the Basement Manager 15 and Steward r'6 arrive to carry out similar tasks. By th early afternoon all thesepersons have left, but occasionally the Club Owner may turn up to do his own book-keeping, and from noon onwardsone of the barstaffnot on duty that evening is present as a caretake0guard, until the duty staff start to arrive in the early evening.

The two Managers 2 and Ground Floor Steward 13 and stage staff are usually first to turn up, and the main Door Clerk iand Basement staff the latest. By mid-evening all the staff on the diagram except the cleaning staff arepresent. Occasionally, the Club Owner is absent on other business, Building Protection System : The building is protected by both conventional mechanical locks on doorsandwindows lock pick set and Mechanical skill apply to defeating locks , and an electronic detection net.

Master switch to the net is In the Club Office 19 on the corn-console. Club AlertSystem : In strategic locations see room descriptions, Module 8 , a type of 'panic button' is available in the event of a disturbance,' Pressing results in a light flashing an all mmconsoles other than the one in that location, and the system is also linked via the master mm-console i.

The police would treat this as a routine disturbance call and dispatch a patrol as available. This would arrive outside the club in combat rounds. It requires a verbal emergency call to Police H0, either from a club corn-console or police patrol vehicle, to trigger special police action, which arrives in combat rounds and consists of two patrol vehicles with eight police, Proof on non-routine disturbance use of firearms would be sufficient is required in thecall.

Corn-Consoles: The club contains eight console locations Iles room descriptions of which three those in 5, 9 and 28 are capable of direct outside contact, Other locations must call to one of these foran outside line, Console28 is the master console, and if this is inoperative - switched off or wrecked -thenthe entire system will not function.

Club office: 'in NE. Against E. Behind the desk is an exec. Ante-Room Two: This room is empty but for three stacks of chairs similar to those in the main lounge. Kitchen : Or rather a food preparation room, since most food is pre-cooked, then either frozen or dehydrated. Along the N. Along the W. In the SE. Cold Store: A solidly built and insulated room for deep frozen food.

On the shelf near to the door to 6 is a cons-console. Under the bar just south of thesouthernmost structural column is the Club Alert button. On the bar at intervals are stands of pumps for draught brews. The bar is open to room 15, but may be isolated by pulling down the various shutters to the from edge of the bar tap.

Main Lounge: A large open room with chairs and tables regularly arranged for viewing the stage area. Along the flanking walls are bench seats, and several stools at the bar. Some exotic indoor plants fill odd corners. One metre above lounge floor level. Twoshort flights of steps lead up on either flank of the stage from the lounge. At thesame level as the stage, with steps down to 20 and beyond the door to 15 17a. Stage Wing: Small translucentwindow. Stage Passage: Bare corridor behind stage backdrop-lower than stage.

StageWing: Stepsdown from stage, with odd junk in corners and one chair, 24, Corridor. Clubt 1 Manager Door Clark. Chef Cleaning Staff 5, BarStaff 7. Cleaning Chef Staff Cleaning Staff which location requires aid. There is also a warning light which comes on if aportable communicator is operated within the club. The Gambling Room: Although gambling is not illegal on Alell, it is strictly regulated and consists mainly of various Types of state lottery.

However, within the Journeyman's Quarter are a number of establishments catering to the offworlders and the more adventurous Alellians. Thegovernment is not averse to this activity indeed, they levy a hefty betting text provided that certain rules are obeyed concerned with preventing themajority of native Alellians indulging in this form of activity.

Each member of the gambling section of the club is required to memorise the entry conditions. The procedure is to call the club from a public corn-box a few minutes before reaching the club premises, giving name and membership number of all members in the patty, and the name and occupations of any guests. Club Owner StageManager is also Master of Cereq,onies Stage Teahnidan Stage Hend Basement Floor Male Toitetsl Female Toilets: Identical to 1,2 and 3but without window.

Office : Alongthe N. In the centre of the room is a desk and executive swivel-chair, In the left of the desk is a nest of four drawers, in the right under the corn-console is a nest of three drawers. The Club Alert button is under the centre of the desk. Along the S. The corn-console also incorporates privacy cone controls. Wine Cellar. A few unpacked cartons of Roupean whisky stand at the N. The door is normally locked. Bar Two: Shelving on both sides of the partition and back wall.

Corn-console next to the partition, and Club Alertbutton under bar to W. Otherwise similar to 14, except that video 'one-armed bandits' face each of the bar stools Gambling Room: 12 card tables each with 4 seats are spaced about the room, the three at the E. On the N. Ante-Room Three: Similar in layout and content to 6. Teller's Room : A glass window with a swivel tray occupies the E.

There is a corn-console on thecounter, with a small cash float of Cr,50 and a cosh on a shelf under it, along with a Club Alert button. In the NW, corner is a set of open shelves, containing trays of gambling chips. In the SW.

For larger deposits or payoutsaccess to the safes in 28 is required, Main Cellar. On theS. Elsewhere are numbers of empty and full barrels and boxes. The draught switch panel is mounted on the wall to The stairs from 8 come out in this room. Cellar Hatch: An empty room except for a large bran sack below the hatch to drop barrels onto. The double hatch opens upwards and locks from the inside both it and the double access doors are normally locked.

Pump Room : Machinery for operating the draught brew system occupies this room. Store Rooms: Both these rooms are empty except for shelving around the walls. Store Rooms: These three interconnecting rooms contain boxes of all sorts of items, being odd lots from captured ships. Thedoor between 34 and39, and that between 47 and 42, is normally locked, Basement Reception: Situated at the bottom of the stairs from24, this area has a reception counterwith corn-console, and a Club Alert button under it.

There are two coat racks. This room and the stairs are separated by a partition. Store Room : Contains three stacks of chairs similar to those in 31, and various building fhments and junk. Basement Manager Steward Tell - -erp1 Riiieption Clerk Bar' Staff Cleaning Staff on different nights. In the case of Particularly valued clients, the Basement Managermay come up. If the person is for the stage section, the Clerk simply transfers the call to the Stage console The Night of the Scenario This section highlights specific conditions on the night the Scenario takes place.

The Scenario commences mid-evening, after dusk. The club has opened - nine customers have so far entered the lounge All staff are present. The weather is overcast but dry, with the hint of an offshore breeze perhaps bringing in a sea fog later. The trio is from Ferl o and have never performed on Alell before. They are not known to the management - the booking, was handled by an agent, and are due for a week's booking. They should arrive in a ground car and van for the equipment Also due a little later for a night on the gambling tables is a group of foreign diplomats S members and 4guests , in addition to the normal influx of clientele both for the main club andthe gambling room.

Groun dFloorBR arten 5. Playersshould be information Modules to which they are entitled. White Dwarf , it i5 desirable to indicate the extent o g a planet some background b Desk drawers -Top : Miscellaneousstationery and a petty cashbox containing about Cr. Middle : Various outstanding and a loaded Auto-Pistol. There is nothingto this office ce of tough- with ship Piracy.

Normal vehicles d lexiglass red police vehicles, and Use of the Snap lance ended that Club personne - It is sugg cums ' m. Remember the Referee to have one copy o hs ' he action increase rea t club to have another. The players have only thmaps may1 be emergency race maskettY cazhboxcontaining aboutePondeoce.

The 'vale l ot, arkings. It was in the p f Eastern safe - Cash and p ledgers and about Cr. F org ambling seealso the te that the Task Force p la Yere do The Referee should tool sets, additionally assign locations to a scattering first aid boxes and fire extinguishers. Clu io starts of torches, ill know these locations. As this regular feature is probably liked very much by all readers of the magazine, I feel that the poll should be taken further still. Just listing the top five is not good enough as there should also be a 'bottom' five, preferably five per year of each.

This would then enable the readers to voice their opinions and provide Don with the information needed to ensure that the monsters published are the monsters wanted. Reader response is very important in any magazine ; the Americans in several of their magazines devote entire pages to reader feedback to maximise reader enjoyment and future success of their publications. Yours sincerely, John Smart, Chigwell, Essex.

Consequently we will hold the Fiend Factory poll open until 1st March to include both the Top and Bottom five creatures. I am also eagerly awaiting the chance to use a Time Freezer WD15 but I disagree with some of the details of its design. It is described as "Highly dextrous, which accounts for their very low armour class. Indeed, both men and monsters have their attack ability linked to their hit dice. It would seem that high dexterity is reflected in high hit dice at least for monsters and not low armour class.

I would suggest the following changes. Since it would, on average, keep fighting for half the time but hit twice as frequently I feel there is no need to change the modifier. This change does, however, indicate the weakness of the Monstermark. A lucky fighter could kill a Time Freezer with one blow.

If it had rolled a double one for hits, if he had hit, and if he rolled high for damage. I can only suggest the use of a critical hit system. Factoring this effect into the Monstermark would really wreck what is a fairly simple system, unless someone knows better. Low armour class is not a suitable method for giving a creature high dexterity, and I shall try not to use it. I don't think it's worth using in my dungeon, for several reasons which include the time needed to make the change and retrain my players.

Dear WD, A strange phenomenon has just occurred during one of our meetings, namely that all our copies of the Monster Manual seem to give different specifications for the same monsters. These changes are not minor ones.

Then came the 2nd edition and - some of the armour class numbers lack their minus sign. A cock-up at the printers we ask ourselves? Is it, as one person suggests a cunning plot to make us buy even more Monster Manuals as each previous edition becomes obsolete?

We would like to know where it will end. To them I would point out that some fixed points of reference must exist or player skill becomes meaningless. We would like to know if this trend is to continue and if so for what reason and why did it happen in the first place. Yours sincerely Simon Downs, University of Lancaster.

While he is right in principal, he ignores the famous Byzantine 'Greek Fire', which made a lethal antipersonnel device, and if, as Paul suggests, we are going to accept Chinese repeating crossbows, the 'European' substance must be available - at a price! We can, I hope, nonetheless ignore other Byzantine incendiaries, such as the semi-explosive or lightsensitive varieties. The best way to limit 'fire-bomb raids' is surely to make them prohibitively expensive, rather dangerous try tripping over with a belt full of oil bottles and a torch in hand!

Cheers, Phil Masters, Cambridge. Dear WD, Although I believe in principal that Fiend Factory should be the best feature in White Dwarf , I have become rather bored of late with the proliferation and, therefore, the endorsement of unbelievable one-off or super-heavy monsters. Please can we see the return of the more deployable creatures like the Necrophidius, Githyanki, Bonesnapper, Svart, and the like rather than neutron bombs disguised as gold pieces which can only be destroyed by whistling the Chinese national anthem while standing on your head!

Best wishes, Bob Bailey, London. Albie Fiore will be taking over its editorial from Don Turnbull in the near future. Albie is known for his minidungeon The Lichway, and has many creatures of his own to be released. In brackets after each item where appropriate is an indication of the tables for powers in the Dungeon Masters Guide that should be rolled on.

Evans The Ish Than were a sect of 20 monks who lived in seclusion in a remote mountain range far to the east. They made many tablets from the local stone. These Tablets were deeply engraved with a message to fellow monks in a long dead and unreadable language. For a monk to receive the benefits of this message, the engravings must be traced backwards with a pointed metal implement.

Forward tracing, or tracing by characters other than monks has the reverse effect. Tablet 2 : Increases constitution permanently by points once per character and restores all lost hit points. Tablet 3 : Speeds up all actions as haste spell. Tablet 4 : Slows down the monk as slow spell and reduces dexterity to 5 for an additional turns. The Cloud is kept in a leather bottle, plain except for fine silver embroidery.

When unstoppered, the Cloud will billow forth, returning to the bottle on command from whoever let it out. In cloud form it measures roughly 12 feet by 6 feet and can carry up to 10, g. The Cloud is not only very comfortable, but edible, and will provide infinite nourishment for those travelling on it, continuously renewing itself.

It can make itself and its passengers invisible for up to five hours once per week, and in dire emergencies can attack as a conjured air elemental impervious to damage for 10 melee rounds before resting. It will also shoot lightning bolts, 6-dice, 3 per day, if so ordered. The final beneficial effect is that it can rain up to 9, cubic foot of water, once per week, on any spot.

The Cloud has drawbacks, however. It is deeply affected by creatures of the air. On seeing one of the following, it will drop its 'passengers and chase after the creature : sylph lust ; stirge, harpy hate ; ki-rin, shedu, lammasu admiration ; air elemental. The other drawback is the Cloud's fear of fire. It will not go within " of any fire source and if attacked by fire or heat in any way, it will teleport back into its bottle and not come out for a week, leaving its passengers suspended tragically in mid-air.

Through exercise, magic and many dark means at his disposal, Zzkeel pursued his goal. The fateful day came when, believing he had achieved perfection, Zzkeel proclaimed himself a god. The gods, angered by his presumptuous declarations, immediately cursed him for his folly. His magnificent body withered until the skin barely covered the bone and then a mighty wind was summoned which shattered his decrepit frame and scattered his bones to the very edge of the world.

Zzkeel's Bones can still be found and because of the magic used in developing his body still have powers when ground into powder and ingested, They may be found already powdered or dissolved in liquid. The various Bones, and their powers, are : Shoulderbones : When one is ingested, the swallower's shoulder is strengthened.

Both shoulderbones are believed to be extant. Handbones : Ingesting a handbone increases a thief's ability to pick pockets, open locks, and remove traps by one level. Nonthieves ingesting a handbone can act as a 1st level thief in these three abilities. Only 6 of the various hand bones still exist. Footbones : One of these allows the ingester to move silently as if wearing elven boots. Only 8 of the various bones are still in existence. Thighbones : When one of these is ingested, the user moves at twice normal speed, as if hasted.

Both thighbones are believed to be extant. There are still two in existance. Neckbone : Anyone who ingests this will take half damage from falls. Only one vertabra is believed to exist. Other Bones : These may be cursed or useless. Roll once on Table III for each. The effect of all bones lasts for turns. None dispute the fact that the Flask was able to sustain Suethrin in his trek across the Great Sands. However, few of the legends are in accordance on how Suethrin obtained the Marvellous Flask.

Some say that he found the Flask on a dying traveller before entering the Great Sands, others that the Flask was a gift from the gods and yet others that Suethrin was attacked and left for dead by dervishes in the Sands when a great bird came to roost by him and dropped the Flask from its beak. The Marvellous Flask appears at first sight to be a simple iron hip flask covered with tough leather.

The stopper, however, has on it a small dial inscribed with archaic runes. Due to the great age of the relic, it is now impossible to discern the meaning of the runes. The cap is held onto the Flask by a small chain. If the cap is removed, nothing happens. If, however, the dial is turned and the cap then removed, one of the following will happen roll 1d6 : 1. A djinn will appear and place himself at the service of the caller.

If called more than once in a day, he will appear and order the caller and his associates not to summon him until the next day. If he is unwisely summoned a third time in that day he will grant the exact opposite of the party's request. The Flask releases sparkling clear water that is extremely refreshing to drink.

The Flask produces dark, cool wine of the most delicious kind that would fetch a high price on the market. The Flask releases one pint at a time and the wine is worth about g. The Flask turns the person holding it invisible for turns. This is not improved invisibility. The Flask creates a magical shield around the holder. The Flask produces poison which is absolutely identical to the wine 3. The poison kills in 3 turns unless the drinker makes his saving throw.

The Flask may only be used times each day and if it is used any more the effects will always be harmful : e. Since then, the Ring has been severely damaged several times which has impaired its function slightly. Manfred can give his owner 3 wishes per day, but due to age and the damage to the Ring, may not hear them correctly. The 'heard some' result can prove most entertaining. For example : Thief : Quick! Cast a death spell on that dragon!

It is done. But he is deaf, just as you wished. I say thiefy, can you still hear me. I To add insult to injury after such situations, the Ring will mutter to itself for turns about its owner's bad diction etc. That it aided him in his rise from lowly mercenary to powerful emperor is indisputable.

When Ehemakil was allegedly slain by the Usurper, Raggendol, the Sword was nowhere to be found. Ehemakil's followers claimed that their master had escaped and would one day return to destroy the Usurper with his enchanted warriors ; but that day never dawned and the Empire crumbled from within leaving only memories and in some distant land the Sword of Ehemakil.

This Broadsword has engraved in magical runes along its blade "I summon you, warriors of Ehemakil! This inscription can only be read with the aid of read magic. When the inscription is uttered, three rose-hued warriors appear. These warriors fight as third level fighters though each has 5 hit dice. They all have a strength of There are twenty warriors summonable by the sword though only three may appear at any one time.

For each warrior killed, the sword will summon a replacement immediately. When all twenty have been slain, the sword will crumble to dust. His overseers were lax ; however, for the magicians were able to lay spells on it that would cause instant death to any bard who played it, however powerful that bard might be. Thus, as Gurthlin first attempted to use it, he perished and the Harp vanished into myth. Legend describes the Harp as having a body of purest silver, carved with ancient melodies in extremely fine runes.

The 7 surviving strings are mithral, tuned by screws each cut from a different gem or jewel. These when plucked singly. Emerald String : Power word 'kill" against self. If any kind of tune or series of notes is played on the Harp, a monster will instantly appear. It could be absolutely anything, from a skeleton to Asmodeus himself gods, saints, demon princes etc. If it does, it will speak.

Finally, the Harp will play by itself when commanded, to charm - as a 15th level bard - if so ordered. Essential mischievous, if not evil, in nature, it will often play of its own accord to charm its owner or someone else.

Next issue we invite readers to submit contributions of various Tables that can be used in campaign games. Yaquinto Publications have announced a new SF game entitled Marine and it concerns the first lunar war. Avalon Hill have recently acquired the entire Battleline range of games from Heritage Models. Having previously acquired all the Sports Illustrated games and the entire game line formerly manufactured by the 3M Company, it would appear that they and other large games companies are moving away from in-house designs and more towards existing games from other manufacturers, or freelance designers.

Entitled Ares, it will probably contain a capsule game each issue. If you haven't seen them yet, f org et Black Hole, but see Star Trek for the special effects. Hot Spot is a tactical game about the Technocrat raid on Chiros. The other is two games in one with One World, a game of godly conflict, and Annihilator which concerns the Pan- Human Alliance assault squads' attempts to blast a giant, planet-killing, computer controlled spaceship.

It is called High Fantasy and are already supplemented by a scenario booklet entitled Fortress Ellendar. Already five more scenarios are named for future release. Entitled Mortal Combat, it is a complete set of rules and includes a ready-toplay labyrinth adventure. Here are the results : 1. Give ratings out of ten for the following departmental features a The Fiend Factory.

The other features readers found of no use to their gaming needs or absolutely vital. Therefore the other features will probably appear every other issue. Give a percentage breakdown for your idea of the perfect content balance of White Dwarf ,- a Role-Playing Games. Whilst the number of advertisements worried some people, most considered them of vital importance, especially to those living in towns without a games shop.

Suggestions for f included book reviews, game write-ups, play-tests of games and scenarios, art and illustrations, in-depth look at various aspects of role-playing games such as religion or lycanthropy, introductory articles, hints modelling and figure painting. Some of these suggestions were duplicated in 10 below.

Would you like a Comic Strip? The best thing in White Dwarf is. However, the most popular are Fiend Factory, Treasure Chest and the mini-scenarios. The worst thing' in White Dwarf is. As stated in 1 above, some of these features will now appear every other issue. We realise that some readers find these features the best part of White Dwarf , and the dilemna of the editor is trying to please everybody at once.

These questionnaires help. There were many other practical suggestions which we hope to utilize in the coming months. Also there were many readers who thought White Dwarf could not be improved. Their cheques will be arriving in the near future.

What originally inspired you in. GS : Dragon Pass is part of the natural evolution of the world of Glorantha. I had been working on the world mythos and history for about eight years before I made White Bear 8Red Moon. At first 1 began writing because I'd run out of material to read and I just let my imagination run for my own entertainment and a few friends that I told stories to. Then for a couple of years I tried to sell my fantasy fiction to the book and magazine market without much success.

I had a few stories published in some semi-pro zines but not much to write home about. Or at least partly so, and I began figuring out how to use this revelation. Then I cut it into thirds and laid two thirds aside keeping the standard type of wargame because I thought that would be most easily accepted.

Also, Nomad Gods was the second section, which came out a year or two later. The third, Masters of Luck and Death, is still being reworked. GS : Love to. By the way, we call it the Dragon Pass Trilogy. MOLAD is a quest-type of game wherein the players attempt to become god. That is, at least in the final scenarios.

And the god mentioned is the ruling deity of the area, called the Pharaoh who rules the local pantheon. There are certain quest-paths set down in the rules which will allow a player to climb the ladder of success by allying with more and more powerful spirits and deities while squelching those of his opponents. At last they can approach one of the greater deities in the game. With this kind of help they can, at last, make a bid for Pharaohdom. WD : If you designed this as part of the larger game in what has been holding up its appearance?

GS : Development. I have had to rewrite the rules three times so far. It is very different from a normal wargame and it is important to me to do it right. I am not as concerned with meeting a schedule as I am with producing a quality game, unique in itself with a playable and replayable system.

The first time it was too complex, the second too boring, the third too vague. I think I've got a handle on it now, though, and hope everyone will be satisfied with the long wait. Which authors inspire you most or which authors do you most enjoy reading? GS : My literary background in the field begins in the classics.

I began reading these while still in grammar school. I was lucky enough to get exposed to the old masters like Dunsany, Lovecraft, Smith, and then the rest of Moorcock's tales. When the series got into such drek as Vathek, then I switched to the more numerous sf material, but didn't find it as interesting in general. A list of authors will include several which are assuredly out of the field for most readers. Subscribers residing in outlying areas may incur additional delivery charge.

Monday through Saturday and 7 a. Redelivery hours: a. Customer Service hours: 7 a. Monday Friday; Saturday 7 a. Call Customer Service for our current specials. To subscribe or to report any problems with your service, please call or visit your local office.

Dearborn St. Periodicals postage paid at Punta Gorda, FL. Brevard Ave. Oak St. McCall Rd. Cannot be combined with any other oer. Exclusions apply. Cannot be combined with any other discount. No a djustments made on previously purchased merchandise. All rights reserved.

Finance offers available to approved applicants on retail sales only. Minimum or equal payments required. If you find an identical model in a carton from a local stocking dealer we will refund the difference. Factory rebates elegible on applicable models only.

No dealers. Closeout specials in limited quantities. All models not at all locations. Manufacturer rebates valid through date of Ad. See store for additional details. French Door Refrigerator Side by Side Refrigerator7. Capacity Electric Dryer 5. Celebrating 65 years of serving SW Florida! Visit BillSmith. They knew how to farm. They knew how to survive.

I wonder how many Democrats remember that it was the Republicans that freed the slaves and the Republicans still love all that support our country. They are a disgrace to our country. Since they want a socialist country, they should move to a country that supports that and leave our great country alone.

President Trump is a great example of why America was founded. The border wall or fence will help protect us from illegal immigrants crossing our borders. I do not want to hear any complaints from those in the Congress and Senate that have walls around their homes and people with guns protecting them.

All Americans need the same kind of protection of walls and guns if wanted. President Trump has added , jobs in January and over 5 million jobs have been created since Trump was elected. Unemployment has fallen to the lowest level in 49 years. President Trump will keep America as a country for the people and by the people and that is why America is great.

American business thrives on predictability. That makes him the enemy of business. When will they realize that? John R. Munn EnglewoodWomen should make own choiceEditor: When the term vasectomy was brought to the public, discussion was welcomed, the procedure was promoted and men were praised for their choice and support for the procedure.

Men encouraged the choice of vasectomy here and in other countries. There was no outrage or outcry from men, women, politicians or any religious groups. Yes, vasectomy was recognized as a responsible way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and a step toward responsible population control. Tubal ligation does not stop or reduce hormone production or monthly periods.

A tubal prevents pregnancy. There are women who do not want to have children and some could choose this procedure to limit the size of their family. The tubal procedure is a smart and easy way to prevent pregnancy without resorting to costly daily hormones and drugs. Women of child-bearing age deserve this information. Women deserve to make their own choices. Joan Fischer Port CharlotteSell o the border statesEditor: Trump and his fellow Republicans promised Mexico would pay for a wall on our southern border.

This promise has not been kept and now they have tried and failed to get the rest of us to pay for it. The southern border states were at one time part of Mexico so Trump could sell back these border states to Mexico which would include the current wall. This would make good on his promise of Mexico paying for the wall. The extra cash could be used to refund all taxes paid by billionaires and the top 1 percent during the Obama administration.

All undocumented Mexicans could immediately become citizens of these sold border states, eliminating the amnesty debate. Returning California to Mexico would mean it would be fully represented in the Mexican Senate instead of its 39 million population being offset by less than a million people in Wyoming. Just think about it; Trump probably has for years been selling U.

The location of the Mote on an island with bayfront restaurants and a park with picnic tables is ideal. As the exhibits expanded, a miniMote was built for the manatee and the turtles, with pictures of them on the sidewalk leading it it. Nearby are opportunities to go on boat trips along the bay, where the rays, sharks, manatee and other sea life to be seen at the aquarium, live.

When the Dali replaced their original building with a fantastic one, it remained on the bay, so only a distraction for sailors in the marina. Art museums and aquariums are visited for what is inside, not for the exterior. When we joined in the s, members attended seasonal talks Mondays at the Mote for free. We heard Sylvia Earle and laughed.

The membership now only gives us guest passes for two. The scientists and researchers stay on the beautiful island. Who gains from moving? The big, big uptick? A simple left TURN! Presidents Day weekend is considered peak season around here. And just wait: March is the top month for tourist taxes. That means more crowds. And more stress in spacial relationships appertaining to mobility. Or, road rage. To all our visitors: God bless you.

We really do welcome and appreciate your presence. Soak in the sun. Get up and golf. Go to the beach. Customer service operators standing by right now to take your call! But also recognize this area is far less busy in, say, June or July, when the southern sun is directly overhead, glowing red hot and large as a medicine ball. And the simple car trip that takes all of 45 minutes today can be executed in a mere A person can exceed the speed limit by a modest amount without being blocked by a convoy cars from Another Place in both right and left lanes.

Quick trips to Publix are in-and-out simple. Please, recognize that yearround residents may become a tad testy at times. All apologies, but the aforementioned testiness may, unfortunately, lead to less-than-admirable expressions or behavior. Actual rudeness. All apologies, and, yes, really, no excuse. To all our year-rounders: Come on, man and woman! Recognize that we live in a seasonal economy.

Winter snowbirds support our year-round economy. They buy newspapers, gasoline, lunch, T-shirts, tomatoes. They create jobs. They pay rent. Sometimes they like it here so much, they buy houses. We have a very pleasant evening, thank you very much. We should appreciate one another. The population surge challenges our infrastructure and our patience. But it best serves all to be mindful of our common interests.

To be polite. To be respectful. We can all get through this together and, soon as you know it, the roads and restaurants will clear out again. Please keep them to less than words. Letters will be edited to length as well as for grammar and spelling. An address and telephone number must be included. The phone number and address are not for publication, but must be provided. Due to the number of letters received, we are able to run only one letter per person per month. The Letters to the Editor section is designed as a public forum for community discourse, and the opinions and statements made in letters are solely those of the individual writers.

The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content of these lett ers. Readers may email Letters to the Editor at letters sun-herald. Further questions or information, call The proposed capital assessment will now be mailed to the owners of each parcel of property subject to a capital assessment. Parcel owners should expect to receive such mail no later than March It provides a forum for ideas and offers the unique advantage of giving immediate feedback to the designers.

More importantly, it allows everyone who participates to be a mutual author of the plan. The vessels anchored at Gilchrist were inspected. All passed the vessel pump-out portion of the inspection. There were no marine sanitation devices toilets found out of compliance within city waters. There is a vessel at the boat club that is currently being worked as a derelict.

In addition, county staff and the Gulf Coast Partnership presented the results of the recently completed Affordable Housing Report, viewable at www. The city still has four projects outstanding from Hurricane Irma including its seawall project and protective measures.

Howard Kunik is the Punta Gorda city manager. His column appears Wednesdays. Readers may reach him at HKunik ci. This is the second time Ben has been awarded this honor. He first received it in The Gulf Coast chapter encompasses jurisdictions from Sarasota to Collier counties.

Bailey has been the Charlotte County building official for nearly four years. Prior to that he was the deputy building official. Staff from the tourism office informed attendees what the VCB does and how tourism benefits the community. The tourism guide I mentioned last week has been a big hit with visitors and residents alike.

Foot traffic at the tourism office was dramatically higher, Interim Tourism Director Sean Doherty told me. The office is open 8 a. Go Rays! Pitchers and catchers report to Charlotte Sports Park for the first day of workouts of spring training The full squad is due Monday and opening day for games is Feb.

Tickets are still available to see the Rays at what baseball fans voted as the No. The park also led the ranking for family friendliness. The poll cited the Kids Clubhouse playground beyond the first base concourse and affordable prices. Visit www. Visit CharlotteCountyFL. Ray Sandrock is the Charlotte County administrator. Readers may reach him at Raymond. Sandrock CharlotteCountyFL. Tamiami PT. Please call for an appointment. In business over 41 years Not a liated with Rolex N.

Oer may change or end without notice. Type of extraction is at the discretion of the dentist. Limit one coupon per person. Additional fees may be incurred depending on individual cases. For those with a sweet tooth, we have a bake sale. The Grandmothers Club donates to children and schools throughout the area. Zusman, M. Walden, Au. Central Plaza West Olean Blvd.

We will announce something soon. CoolToday Park, in West Villages, is nearly complete. March The game is sold out. We have this team here for years. We want them to be supported. Some of that support is for the North Port Little League. Commissioner Debbie McDowell, who has protested other towns claiming the Braves, said she did not attend the Venice festivities and could not comment.

We have to keep that in mind. The Venice Area chamber likes to welcome new businesses and I thought it was great that they were welcoming an incoming North Port business. City staff has scheduled multiple roadwork projects to include milling, paving and pavement work throughout Punta Gorda beginning on Tuesday, Feb. Virginia Ave. When driving in the area, the city urges motorists to drive with extreme caution and be alert for workers in the right-ofway.

Please allow time in travel for minor delays. For additional information on this project, please contact Linda Sposito, Sr. Email: dsutphin sun-herald. Return via a short cut. Participants must provide pfd, watercraft and be able to swim. Voluntary donations to the Sierra Club gratefully accepted. Reservations required. Call Indiana Ave. Bingo games start at 1 p.

Contact Lois at or lolevasseur centurylink. All residents are welcome and there is no admission charge. Representatives from 31 participating agencies will be on hand to promote healthy living and other qualities of life. Services include hearing, vision and balance testing to information on medical marijuana, strokes dental, physical activity and much more. The American Heart Association will be on hand and cancer screening will be offered.

Prize drawings will be offered, as well as a raffle and a light lunch. For more information, call Brenda Peckham at Doors open at p. For more information or tickets, contact Irene Jones at No interest will be charged on promo purchase and equal monthly pay ments are required equal to initial promo purchase amount divided equally by the number of months in promo period until promo is paid in full.

The equal monthly payment will be rounded to the next highest whole dollar and may be higher than the mi nimum payment that would be required it the purchase was a non-promotional purchase. Regular account terms apply to non-promotional purchases. For new accounts: Purchase APR is Existing cardholders should see their credit card agreement for their applicable terms. Subject to credit approval. Terms of promotions Previous purchase excluded, cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount.

Washington US 1 mi. Special features include Beautyrest pocketed coil seating, reversible seat cushions and coordinating pillows. Relax with comfort and style at a great price. Great Value! Includes a beveled glass table 72x42 and four upholstered chairs. Get the matching nightstand FREE! Unquestionable value! Sleeper, love seat and correlated chair available. Offer cannot be combined with other discounts. Get the matching night stand FREE!

The school had entered into an economic development investment agreement with Charlotte County back in March Currently, the location enrolls two music therapy students and 38 aviation students. Music therapy students will transition back to the main campus in Kalamazoo, Mich. As for remaining students, WMU will advise them and develop transition plans that keep students on track to get their degree.

Email: Liz. Hardaway yoursun. Developers pay for their own water and sewer systems, Commissioner Bill Truex said, and then pay again to connect to the larger system. Residents urged commissioners to sell Charlotte County Utilities to a private company. The board ultimately approved three instead of ve years of increases. Jeery S. We take seriously our responsibility to deliver our core mission to serve Michigan, while also keeping an eye on nancial stewardship. Given the changed landscape and our rened enrollment projections, I am condent we can best serve our students by fully focusing on the College of Aviation at its Battle Creek location.

Jennifer P. Southwest Florida should be proud to have these dedicated professionals advocating for their region. A smooth transition is about details, and right now my top priority is managing those details to ease this change to the fullest extent possible.

Penalty for early withdrawal. Fees could reduce earnings. As a charter captain, I was only able to go out on the water seven times in three months. It was so bad. We furnish the license, bait and tackle.

The vets eat what they catch that day. The drinks and side dishes are included at no cost to them. The ride was held Feb. She did so much work. She also promised to work on the event again next year. There was a three-way tie and Harley-Davidson put out quite a bit, plus the food and free beer. They had Bloody Marys there. It was an outstanding day. That group always gives us a good donation.

We will have a lot of prizes including cash prizes. There will be a barbeque. I can take people who are wheelchair bound out in groups of four along with four volunteers to help. If there are other vets even with prosthetics, I can take them out in groups of six. The veteran must produce a DD Email: eallen sun-herald.

You Ring, We Bring! Frank LewickiDr. Brent BeyerDr. Charge: possession of drug paraphernalia and violation of probation. Bond: none. Charge: violation of probation. Charges: failure to appear and underlying charge. Charges: three counts of violation of probation. Charges: possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and possession of drug paraphernalia. Charge: battery.

Charge: DUI. Bond: none supervised release. Charge: disorderly intoxication. Charges: possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, driving while license suspended 3rd or subsequent oense, possession of drug paraphernalia, and resisting an ocer without violence. Charge: out of county warrant. Charge: nonsupport of dependents. Charges: two counts of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Charges: trespass failure to leave property upon order by owner and resisting an ocer without violence. Charges: two counts of violation of probation. Charges: sexual assault of a person 18 or older and battery. Charges: two counts of larceny third or subsequent oense. Charge: possession of hydromorphone without a prescription. Charges: four counts of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and two counts of possession or use of narcotics equipment.

Charge: hold for department of corrections. Charges: driving with suspended license second oense, reckless driving resulting in property damage and leaving the scene of an accident resulting in property damage. Charges: two counts of violation of probation original charges: two counts of petty theft. Charge: domestic battery. Charges: possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession or use of narcotics equipment.

Not every arrest leads to a conviction and guilt or innocence is determined by the court system. Sava Church, W. Price Blvd. It is from 11 a. Saturday and 11 a. For more information, contact More than 2, books and other types of media will be for sale. The preview starts for members only from p. It will be open for the public from 10 a. Thursday, Feb. Saturday, Feb. Membership applications are available at the library bookstore. Root will discuss plastics and the harmful effects it has on wildlife.

For more information, call or visit www. Valentines for VetsThe eighth annual Valentines for Vets dinner dance takes place from p. For tickets, call Tony at or Ed at Friday, Feb. Awards will be presented and refreshments served. The center is at Sam Shapos Way. For more information, call Spaghetti dinnerSt. Biscayne Drive. Meals on Wheels fundraiserA fundraiser for Meals on Wheels is set for a. Yard saleSt. Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays at Thanks for helping us put on a sold-out show!

The patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination, or treatment, that is performed as a result o f and within 72 hours of responding to advertisement for the free, discounted fee, or reduced fee service, examination or treatment.

General Dentist Lic Bob Proper, his wife Marilyn, of Romeo, Mich. Marilyn found a coee table book on the Vatican that fascinated them, as they just took a trip to Italy. Julie found the Charlotte County Gardening Recipes. The bus will leave the Murdock Walmart parking lot promptly at a. Reservations are necessary. For more information, call Marie at This meeting will feature a presentation on redcockaded woodpecker management on Fred C.

Registration is necessary. To register, call Ask About Our Referral Program. Catherine L. Use one of these Tax Professional to help you get the job done. Use one of these Tax Professional to hel p y ou g g et the j ob done. Great food, music, and reworks!

Saturday, April 6, , 6 p. Three easy ways to purchase tickets1. Online at SCF-Foundation. Call the SCF Foundation at 3. Learn more about how laser cataract surgery is performed, your vision options and expected surgical outcomes through this surgeon-led seminar with Dr. Joshua Kim. McCall Road Lunch will be served. Joshua W. Kim, M. Highway 17 the newest addition to a lineup of more than locations in the United States and 10 other countries.

The auction sales Copart makes include used undamaged or damaged vehicles, trailers, watercraft and power sports, and industrial and construction equipment. Auction buyers must be licensed to participate, and the vehicles and other assets are sold as is. No dismantling, draining of fluids, crushing, or sale of parts occurs at a Copart facility, the company says in its application to DeSoto County to rezone the property on the west side of U. Taber said the DeSoto location will pull its vehicle business from the Interstate corridor south of Tampa, where Copart has an operation.

While staffing in DeSoto County will likely be limited to 20 or so workers, spinoff economic activity will come from transporters, salvage yards and vehicle wholesalers that do business with Copart, he added. Copart executives did not return phone calls or an email seeking comment. But that label is hardly fair, Taber insisted.

He emphasized that the vehicles stay intact once they reach the yard and are removed once they sell at auction. Copart brings the vehicles into the yard from wherever it acquires them. A Feb. County planners say Copart plans an office building, customer parking, a shipping and receiving area, and a paved shortterm storage area for inspection of assets headed for auction.

Taber said the Copart selection of DeSoto County for the newest addition to its network is typical of the interest the county has received in the last 12 months. Auction giant wants DeSoto address, Feb. Bids received after the scheduled closing time for submission will be returned unopened. All Bids are to be firm price for a period of one 1 year commencing on May 01, A Copy of the Bid Documents may be obtained at no charge by contacting Rachel Kersten at the above referenced address and phone number or by email at peaceriver regionalwater.

Case No. Dated this 11th day of February, AND 5: 00 P. After the North Port appearance Saturday, Bumblebee will follow it up with an event from p. The panel will be made up of between 7 and 11 students all in at least the seventh grade. Student members need to have attended a North Port school for at least a year prior and must remain a student while on the board; must be in middle or high school and not older than I have been selling reliable used vehicles in Charlotte County for over 30 years!!!

Myself and family are involved with many community activities and believe in giving back to the community. MST 12 p. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota Dealer n ot responsible for typographical errors. Residency rules may apply. See dealer for details. Dealer not responsi ble for typographical errors. Financing is with approved credit. Resale Value Award calculated among non-luxury shoppers. For more information, visit www. Fueled by passion, daring invention and proven track records, Alfa Romeo continues its evolutionary strides for the pure driver in you.

Prices Include Rebates. Financing Is With Approved Credit. Residency Rules May Apply. See Dealer For Details. No security deposit required with approved credit. Gaines Jr. Veterans Memorial Park scheduled Saturday. Deutsch, who has championed the park from an idea born to him three years ago, wants everyone in Charlotte County to attend.

Before I tell you about the fundraiser, which will have live music and food and is scheduled for the American Legion Post on Taylor Road in Punta Gorda, let me tell you more about the park. It honors Gaines, a U.

Marine who died in the terrorist attack on the U. Hopes and dreams include a foot monument called the Beirut Peacekeeper Memorial Tower. I was able to see a rendering of it that should be available to the public later this month. It is pretty impressive. That will cover road work, trails and a family pavilion with more work on the park planned in the future.

The main support column represents the Marine position overlooking headquarters. You will be able to look up through the monument for an unusual view of light through the rods. When that could be built depends almost entirely on fundraising. That is why he is passing the hat to everyone he knows. He has also been able to get checks from several major businesses in Charlotte County.

He also hopes for money from the state Legislature and the federal government. It sounds like a good time. It all starts at 3 p. Pulitzer Prize winner John Hackworth is commentary editor of the Sun newspapers. You may contact him at jhackworth sun-herald. Deutsch focused on Gaines Jr. Since then, he has soloed with almost every major symphony orchestra in the United States and has been heralded for performances around the world in Switzerland, Scotland, Brazil, Paris and countless other international venues.

Few know the local group also brings a lot of heart. Their most recent community effort was aimed at helping homeless students at Charlotte County schools. The plan was to adopt 10 students as part of a Christmas gift campaign of the Homeless Education Project. The response was so overwhelming, they ended up sponsoring 40 students. Music, not giving back, was the point. Retta Esplanade, from 7 p. The band will be donating tips and other donations directly to Stewart. We look forward to taking great care of you!

He was a member of St. Air Force veteran. He was a very accomplished man. He was an exceptional family man and caregiver to those he loved and cared for. Ron was a good friend to many, made numerous charitable donations and volunteered his time to many charities. Ron was preceded in death by his wife of 62 years, Arline R. Ruchalski who died last year. Memorial services will be held at a.

James Episcopal Church, Viscaya Dr. Interment will be held at a later date in Rochester, New York. Friends may visit online at www. She was born November 12, in Chicago, IL. They owned Onsite Equipment Repair. Bev enjoyed her family and friends and was a mother and grandmother to all. No one was left out, she was loved by many. She was a stubborn, strong willed person and she fought to the very end. She wrote her own story. She is survived by her daughters, Kimberlee Hyde, Mary Taylor, and Cynthia Goudrea and their husbands, along with 7 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

A Celebration of Life will be held at 10 a. Please visit kaysponger. Angela graduated with honors in She continued working in the Presbyterian Hospital there from to Her graduating class was selected to assist in the war effort Normandy after the D-day invasion. Her unit eventually moved inland to Nancy, France where the 2nd General Hospital helped save the lives of over 12, soldiers and many French civilians. Upon her discharge from active duty, Angela Welk was promoted to the rank of Captain.

They moved in to the coastal town of Port Charlotte, Florida. Their marriage was a happy one of over 35 years. John predeceased Angela on March 4, at the age of Angela is survived by sister, Jean Meisten, many cousins, nieces, and nephews, as well as many loving friends.

Flowers and gifts of condolence will be accepted at that time. Please refer to www. Glorig Marian M. She Graduated from Suffern High School in She was discharged in at the end of WWII. She was employed as a private secretary at Lederle Laboratories, Pearl River, New York for 37 years where she and her husband, Robert, resided. She has been residing at Waterside Village in Venice.

She was an active member of the Navy unit, Gulf Coast Dolphins 56 for many years. She is survived by several nieces in New York. A visitation will be held Today Wednesday, Feb. A funeral Mass will be held on Thursday, Feb. Burial will take place at Venice Memorial Gardens following Mass. Girard, 90, died Sept. The park staff decided to hold a life celebration for Girard at 2 p.

Girard volunteered 30 or more hours a week at the park. Girard could be described as a trail blazer at Cedar Point. A trail is named for him and his late wife, Pat. For more information, call Cedar Point at Email: reilly sun-herald. More information: call Access Road, Englewood. Social time is a. Amy Morales, a teacher from Myakka River Elementary School, will speak on the need for a reading program, both in the classroom and after-school care. The Club encourages membership to those interested in making new friends and working toward the betterment of our community and for those less fortunate.

For information, visit www. Membership is not exclusive to Rotonda West. Residents and guests are always welcome. There will be lots of plants and plenty of items for sale, including in the clothing boutique. Admission is free both days. For more information, call Jan Beshoner at for more information. The sale will feature bakery items, jewelry, books, household items, clothing and lots more. For info contact Linda Muir at Each performance consists of six short comedic selections covering a variety of life situations with an interesting twist.

Call for rates. We're not just in your neighborhood We're part of your community. Being located in your community and being an active member of it are two very different things. Call us to learn how we can serve you further. Open concept home on private, oversized lot. Granite countertops with breakfast nook. Formal dining room. Built Recent upgrades. Ten minutes to Gasparilla Island beaches. Ask about our 90 day special. Call one of our classified experts for all the details at Realtors Welcome!

Lanai with huge pool is 41x Expansive greenbelt views! Call today for info and list of upgrades! Great floor plan. NEW exterior paint! AC replaced in December ! Immaculate, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, Pool home, sq ft, built in Fenced yard, private setting. RV parking. Don't miss this energy efficient home. Available turn-key furnished! Lovely lanai looking out to greenbelt area.

Large kitchen with lots of counter space and large pantry. Built in See this one today! Beautiful Landscaping. Call For Showing! Great for entertaining! Water views from virtually every room. Spacious open villa with outstanding golf course views. Located in the beautiful Kingsway Golf Villas Comm. Meticulously maintained this 2 bd 2 bath is fully furnished with lovely furniture, 20 in. Nothing to do but move in and enjoy! Community pool nearby. Great Location, Minutes From All!

All New Appl. Well Furnished Unit! Low HOA Fees!

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