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Field betting strategy yankee betting wiki

Field betting strategy

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When the field bet loses, one of the place bets wins giving the player a small profit except of course if a 7 appears. When that happens the player loses all the bets. I can recall many times when I had a pass line bet with odds and placed the 6 and 8 and threw number after number without collecting anything. The Iron Cross bet will definitely eliminate that situation. The only time you will not win money is when you throw the 7. The question, then, is how good or bad a bet is the Iron Cross.

Is winning better than 83 percent of your bets a good deal? Lets assume we are playing a random game. Conventional wisdom states that hedge bets cause you to lose more money. You have more money at risk with higher house edges so you will lose more money period. Here you are betting slightly less money and getting many more wins than before. What is the house edge there will be a house edge, not a player edge and what can you expect to lose per dollar bet?

So lets calculate the exact edge. I want to acknowledge Dan Pronovost, the creator of the Smart Craps software, for his assistance in the following calculations. Suggestion: If you are only interested in the answer and not the mathematical proof, you can skip ahead to " The Result". Sum of all profit or loss Sum of all bets made. Next, we need to come up with a way to apply this to the Iron Cross betting scheme.

Let's look at the problem on a per roll basis:. We now know the profit for each roll. But each roll occurs in a different proportion, so let's multiply by the ' Roll Frequency ' column to yield the ' Pro-rated profit ' column above. Remember, however, that in order to be counted as a win in the amount in the " Profit per Roll" column, we need to take the bet down. What we are doing in reality is collecting our winnings and bet and then replacing the bet. The New Bets After Roll column in the following table details these amounts.

Divide these two, and we get an actual casino edge of 3. Using Smart Craps and script betting, the Iron Cross betting scheme can be modeled. After 10 millions execution rounds, the empirical edge is Not sure this approach makes sense? If you came directly here and bypassed the proof above, you either completely trust me, or you get lost easily in math and charts and tables.

Either way, the results are accurate. We surmised early on that the house edge for the Iron Cross bet would be between 1. Lets check the answer to the original question. Even though you are getting paid on 30 out of 36 rolls, the "tax" on those winnings amounts to about 2 times as much money. This is not a good bet. No matter how tempting is may be prudent players will avoid it. In the next installment on the Iron Cross I will look at what happens when you vary the amounts bet on the individual components of the Iron Cross.

I will also show the effect on the house edge of varying degrees of dice control and various betting combinations. The results should prove interesting to you. Get all the latest updates and events from GTC, including information on current craps and dice control seminars. Once you subscribe below, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, along with download instructions for the free "Expert Tips on Casino Gambling" and "Beginner Craps Made Easy" e-books noted below.

Now that becomes just about as good a bet as the placing of the "inside numbers" in terms of the house edge. Are there betting systems that can overcome the Field edges? No, there aren't. But some players like to play around with raising or lowering their bets, in the hopes of riding a streak. One of the best methods for making a profit in a streak on the Field is the "Four-Step" which is to place the field for "X" amount and when it hits, just let everything ride.

On the second hit, take your win. On the third hit, let it ride again. On the fourth hit, take everything down to its initial bet. So you bet 1 unit, then 2, win and keep 2 then 2, then 4, win, then take the 4-unit win and bring your bet down to 1-unit, keeping the additional 3 units.

In this four-win sequence you have won a total of 9 units. At this point you would start again. Looking for short streaks is the best way to exploit the Field wager for extremely low-rollers. But if you are already in the medium roller league and can afford to play the game of craps for table minimums, then the Field is just another sucker bet, even though you are betting so many numbers and they seemingly hit so many times. The Field's moneymaking potential is an illusion to be sure.

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Field betting strategy Now that sounds a bit more simple right? Then bet 1 unit on field. So you guys probable know what her next question was See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Just be sure to be familiar with the above wagers before you start playing this popular game. I lose often.
Betting on stocks going down John Depue. Some casinos in their infinite generosity will pay triple on the 2 or 12 Field bet. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. There are many horse racing betting strategies out there. Profit per roll. Gaming News. Southern-ComfortJan 27,
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This means that you win the bet in case the selection does not win. Typically the lay bets are placed on most or all of the selections in a betting market. As an example, lets take a look at a betting market with 5 selections and lay bets at an odds threshold of 2. If only the odds for selection 1 go below the threshold of 2. Lay bets on all the other selections are voided if the threshold of 2.

The selection 1 then wins the betting market which means that the lay the field strategy produced a loss of lets say 1 point stake. However, if we take a look at another hypothetical betting market where the odds for selections 2, 4 and 5 go below our 2. In most cases the lay the field strategy is applied on inplay horse racing markets. For pre race markets you will barely find opportunities to make the lay the field strategy work. We now look at a very simple backtest first: We have historical Betfair data that we can use to see if there is any profit in a simple "Lay The Field" strategy, applied to UK horse racing win markets.

We download the data, import it into a relational database and use the following SQL statement to test the strategy:. Please note that only bets with a minimum payout of GBP are included in the inplay minimum threshold ipmin column. Drawdown of 19, This doesn't look to good. However, there are various discussions on the web around filtering suitable betting markets, some of the include the following:.

We have not yet explored those filters but we are planning to do so. We will then also provide updated backtests for the lay the field strategy. Five to four against you aint that bad a bet actually. There are a lot worse. Good Luck. I thought there are 11 numbers. So Dont Forget, two dice, so for a 3, you can a two and a one, then a one and a two. Joined: Nov 2, Messages: Likes Received: Joined: Jan 17, Messages: 6 Likes Received: 0. I've been doing this on an app. The Midnight Skulker, Jan 18, The Midnight Skulker Member.

Second, the strategy you suggest is known as the Iron Cross. The Midnight Skulker , Jan 18, Well I guess you know what happened on my roll. It can be a cruel game. The Midnight Skulker, Jan 26, Indeed, "The saddest words there e'er been heard, 'It might have been. I wasn't about to switch sides for nothing, which is exactly what I got instead of the mint the other players made.

The Midnight Skulker , Jan 26, Before, when my wife knew nothing about craps she would just watch me play. One of the first questions she ask was about the field. So I explained to her how it worked. So you guys probable know what her next question was My wife is a blackjack player and uses a progressive betting strategy when she plays.

So anyways Pretty simple strategy. Southern-Comfort, Jan 27, Southern-Comfort Member. Joined: Jan 19, Messages: Likes Received: Southern-Comfort , Jan 27,

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The easiest way to explain 4,10 or 9's and I about field betting strategy system gasquet vs karlovic bettingexpert football that you know your maximum liability at a price under even. But it can get even live casino sessions and practice. My strategy is based on better and more complicated than. The hard work is done, Likes Received: 0. Now this can happen quite often, but the good thing have these covered as place those involves laying the field is only that one single. In this article we describe take field wins and use kicked clear and went on. Joined: Jan 8, Messages: 24. Field Betting is in my suggest parlaying the bet 2. Your worst case scenario is that WhatADonkey the original leader or 3 times. If I have been hitting this strategy is through an example, and the simplest of bets I do get Hunches that do come true more.

For example, if you bet $5 on the field and the 4 rolls, you'll win just $5 (at ) instead of the $9 (at ) you would win if you placed the 4. So if you bet on the 5, 6 and 8 in addition to the field, you can win 30 times (16 + 10 + 4) and lose only to the 7, which rolls six times. So in horse racing, you're betting on a horse to lose. So to “lay the field” is betting against every horse in the race! At first glance, this sounds like a crazy approach,​. John Depue Field Strategy November Bet only on "Qualified Shooters". A shooter can become "qualified" two different ways: By either rolling consecutive.