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Oswalt, Christopher M. Lynch, Thomas B. Chad ; Aust, W. S Chaudhan, Umesh K. Henry; Stephens, Ronald B. Morgan; Kane, Jeffrey M. Michael; McGuire, Kevin J. Lessons from environmental communication praxis in southern Appalachia Burke, Brian J. Barlow, Rebecca J. Dillaway,; Leininger, Theodor D. Paul; Enebak, Scott A.

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Andrew; Holley, A. Geoff; Knapp, Benjamin O. Rhett; Tollner, Ernest W. Jonathan; Carreiro, Margaret M. Nils; Moorman, Christopher E. Susan; Fraedrich, Stephen W. Lu, Mengmeng; Krutovsky, Konstantin V. Dana; Koralewski, Tomasz E. Craig; Thill, Ronald E. Bynum ; Gaither, Cassandra Johnson. Morin and T. This study does not address how storm patterns, precipitation characteristics, drainage pattern, or past changes in upstream vegetation cover and road density might affect the occurrence, magnitude, timing, or frequency of flooding at the Recreation Area.

Marion, D. Publications Menu. Loblolly pine maintaining this species as a subclimax in the South-eastern United States. Coppicing evaluation of short rotation coppice in the southeast of the U. Frequent fire protects shortleaf pine Pinus echinata from introgression by loblolly pine P.

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Private forest owners and property tax incentive programs in the United States: A national review and analysis of ecosystem services promoted, landowner participation, forestland area enrolled, and magnitude of tax benefits provided. First report of laurel wilt, caused by Raffaelea lauricola , on sassafras Sassafras albidum in Alabama.

Plant litter chemistry and mycorrhizal roots promote a nitrogen feedback in a temperate forest. Global survey of anthropogenic neighborhood threats to conservation of grass-shrub and forest vegetation. Height growth modeling using second order differential equations and the importance of intial height growth.

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Vertical distribution and seasonality of predatory wasps Hymenoptera: Vespidae in a temperate deciduous forest. Substrate availability drives spatial patterns in richness of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea in temperate forest soils. Governance of non-wood forest products in Russia and Ukraine: Institutional rules, stakeholder arrangements, and decision-making processes. The relative importance of exogenous and substrate-derived nitrogen for microbial growth during leaf decomposition.

Under what management and policy scenarios can alley cropping be a competitive alternative in the United States Southeast? Prestemon, Jeffrey P. North American oriented strand board markets, arbitrage activity, and market price dynamics: A smooth transition approach. The sensitivity of ecosystem service models to choices of input data and spatial resolution.

A novel application of small area estimation in loblolly pine forest inventory. Agroforestry for a vibrant future: connecting people, creating livelihoods, and sustaining places. Causes and consequences of unequal seedling production in forest trees: a case study in red oaks.

Auxiliary information resolution effects on small area estimation in plantation forest inventory. Efficacy tests and determination of optimal spray timing values to control nantucket pine tip moth - Lepidoptera: Tortricidae infestation. Population dynamics of sugar maple through the southern portion of its range: implications for range migration. Ground-dwelling arthropod association with coarse woody debris following long-term dormant season prescribed burning in the longleaf pine flatwoods of North Carolina.

Vertical and horizontal distribution of bark and woodboring beetles by feeding guild: is there an optimal trap location for detection? Litter-dwelling arthropod abundance peaks near coarse woody debris in loblolly pine forests of the southeastern United States.

Trap height considerations for detecting two economically important forest beetle guilds in southeastern US forests. An annual basal area growth model with multiplicative climate modifier fitted to longitudinal data for shortleaf pine. Integration of remote sensing, county-level census, and machine learning for century-long regional cropland distribution data reconstruction. Early indications of drought impacts on forests in the southeastern United States. Survey for potential insect biological control agents of Ligustrum sinense Scrophulariales: Oleaceae in China.

Kentucky's timber industry, - timber product output and use - forest inventory and analysis factsheet. Approaching environmental health disparities and green spaces: An ecosystem services perspective. Extraction and characterization of seed oil from naturally-grown Chinese tallow trees.

Competition between a biological control fungus, Ophiostoma piliferum , and symbionts of the southern pine beetle. Leaf litter of invasive Chinese tallow Triadica sebifera negatively affects hatching success of an aquatic breeding anuran, the southern leopard frog Lithobates sphenocephalus. Impact of Brexit on the forest products industry of the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. Scale effects and variability of forest—water yield relationships on the Loess Plateau, China.

Pyroaerobiology: the aerosolization and transport of viable microbial life by wildland fire. Kobziar, Leda N. Effect of seedling stock on the early stand development and physiology of improved loblolly pine Pinus taeda L. Effect of anatomical characteristics and chemical components on microwave-assisted liquefaction of bamboo wastes. Study on the mould-resistant properties of moso bamboo treated with high pressure and amylase.

Impacts of climate on the biodiversity-productivity relationship in natural forests. Using a network model to assess risk of forest pest spread via recreational travel. Coupling fine-scale root and canopy structure using ground-based remote sensing. A subcontinental analysis of forest fragmentation effects on insect and disease invasion. Effect of lignin derivatives in the bio-polyols from microwave liquefied bamboo on the properties of polyurethane foams.

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Coastal forests and groundwater: Using case studies to understand the effects of drivers and stressors for resource management. Coupling of flavonoid initiation sites with monolignols studied by density functional theory. Environmental indicators of macroinvertebrate and fish assemblage integrity in urbanizing watersheds. Biophysical controls on canopy transpiration in a black locust Robinia pseudoacacia plantation on the semi-arid Loess Plateau, China. Middleton, Elizabeth M.

Forest operations and woody biomass logistics to improve efficiency, value, and sustainability. Multiple drivers, scales, and interactions influence southern Appalachian stream salamander occupancy. Cecala, Kristen K. Forests, shrubs, and terrain: top-down and bottom-up controls on forest structure. Phytophthora cinnamomi colonized reclaimed surface mined sites in eastern Kentucky: Implications for the restoration of susceptible species. Rhododendron maximum impacts seed bank composition and richness following Tsuga canadensis loss in riparian forests.

Zalesny, Ronald S. Some factors of climate and soil affecting establishment of loblolly pine stands. North American Lauraceae: terpenoid emissions, relative attraction and boring preferences of redbay ambrosia beetle, Xyleborus glabratus Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae. Composite estimators for growth derived from repeated plot measurements of positively-asymmetric interval lengths.

Novel technique to identify large river host fish for freshwater mussel propagation and conservation. A low-cost spore trap allows collection and real-time PCR quantification of airborne fusarium circinatum spores. Carbon budget and its response to environmental factors in young and mature poplar plantations along the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, China. Patterns of genetic diversity in highly invasive species: Cogongrass Imperata cylindrica Expansion in the invaded range of the southern United States US.

Solomon, J. Intergenic spacer single nucleotide polymorphisms forg genotyping amylostereum areolatum Russulales: Amylostereacea symbionts of native and non-native sirex species. Exposure of protected and unprotected forest to plant invasions in the eastern United States. Local and general above-ground biomass functions for Pinus palustris trees. Gonzalez-Benecke, Carlos A. Hallema, Dennis W. Site preparation and phosphorus application alter early growth of loblolly pine.

Fei, Songlin. Comparison of stand density measures for loblolly pine cubic-foot growth prediction. A spatially explicit approach to modeling biological productivity and economic attractiveness of short-rotation woody crops in the eastern USA. Experimental evaluation of several key factors affecting root biomass estimation by MHz ground penetrating radar.

Using quadratic mean diameter and relative spacing index to enhance height-diameter and crown ratio models fitted to longitudinal data. Factors associated with family forest landowner enrollment in state preferential forest property tax programs in the United States. Gravity models of forest products trade: applications to forecasting and policy analysis. Rapid analysis of the microfibril angle of loblolly pine from two test sites using near-infrared analysis. Failure of black cohosh Actaea racemosa L.

The role of fecundity and reproductive effort in defining life history strategies of North American freshwater mussels. An analysis of forest land use, forest land cover, and change at policy-relevant scales. A system dynamic model to estimate hydrological processes and water use in a eucalypt plantation. Estimating tree canopy cover using harmonic regression coefficients derived from multitemporal Landsat data. Derwin, Jill M. Nursery performance of American and Chinese chestnuts and backcross generations in commercial tree nurseries.

Evaluation of a commercially available ELISA kit for quantifying imidacloprid residues in Erthrina sandwicensis leaves for management of the Erythrina gall wasp, Quadrastichus erythrinae Kim. Chemical compositions, infrared spectroscopy, and X-ray diffractometry study on brown-rotted woods.

Oak decline and red oak borer outbreak: impact in upland oak-hickory forests of Arkansas, USA. Demographic characteristics of young-of-year freshwater mussel populations in ponds. Cytogenetic analysis of American chestnut Castanea dentata using fluorescent in situ hybridization.

Phenotypic variation in climate-associated traits of red spruce Picea rubens Sarg. Refining the activity level-predation risk paradigm in larval anuran communities. Consequences of climate change for biotic disturbances in North American forests.

Removal of an invasive shrub Chinese privet: Ligustrum sinense Lour reduces exotic earthworm abundance and promotes recovery of native North American earthworms. Effects of land use changes on winter-active Collembola in Sanjiang Plain of China. Bedding of wetland soil: Effects of bed height and termite activity on wood decomposition.

Wightman, Patrick H. Profitability potential for Pinus taeda L. Perdue, James H. A multigear protocol for sampling crayfish assemblages in Gulf of Mexico coastal streams. Vegetation response to midstorey mulching and prescribed burning for wildfire hazard reduction and longleaf pine Pinus palustris Mill. Rainwater deficit and irrigation demand for row crops in Mississippi Blackland Prairie.

Can the invasive earthworm, Amynthas agrestis, be controlled with prescribed fire? Invasive plants found in Virginia forests, - forest inventory and analysis factsheet. Shuman, Rebecca M. Prescribed burning and mastication effects on surface fuels in southern pine beetle-killed loblolly pine plantations. Reproductive characteristics of a coyote population before and during exploitation. Light requirements of seagrasses determined from historical records of light attenuation along the Gulf coast of peninsular Florida.

Soil denitrification dynamics in urban impacted riparian zones throughout Tampa, FL. Temporal changes in native-exotic richness correlations during early post-fire succession. Natural product studies of U. Oh, Joonseok; Bowling, John J. An assessment of gains and losses from international trade in the forest sector.

Interpreting multiscale domains of tree cover disturbance patterns in North America. Entropy dynamics in cone production of longleaf pine forests in the southeastern United States. Sammons, Rhea J. Analysis of Phyllostachys pubescens bamboo residues for liquefaction: chemical components, infrared spectroscopy, and thermogravimetry. Personal PM2. Social insects dominate eastern US temperate hardwood forest macroinvertebrate communiteis in warmer regions. Cryptic diversity among Yazoo Darters Percidae: Etheostoma raneyi in disjunct watersheds of northern Mississippi.

Sectoral contributions to surface water stress in the coterminous United States. Polyols from microwave liquefied bagasse and its application to rigid polyurethane foam. Coupling and reactions of lignols and new lignin monomers: A density functional theory study. A comparison of mangrove canopy height using multiple independent measurements from land, air, and space. Lignin monomers from beyond the canonical monolignol biosynthetic pathway: Another brick in the wall.

Hemiboreal forest: natural disturbances and the importance of ecosystem legacies to management. Weather, hydroregime, and breeding effort influence juvenile recruitment of anurans: implications for climate change. Effects of cycle length and plot density on estimators for a national-scale forest monitoring sample design. Below- and above-ground effects of deadwood and termites in plantation forests. Habitat selection by Anolis carolinensis green anole in open pine forests in eastern Texas.

Forestry best management practices relationships with aquatic and riparian fauna: A review. Warrington, Brooke M. Michael; Barrett, Scott M. Mark; Dolloff, C. Andrew; Schilling, Erik B. Bently; Bolding, M. Comparing social media and postal mailings in forestry extension program marketing. Effects of repeated growing season prescribed fire on the structure and composition of pine-hardwood forests in the southeastern Piedmont, USA. Northington, Robert M. Restoring surface fire stabilizes forest carbon under extreme fire weather in the Sierra Nevada.

Co salen -catalyzed oxidation of lignin models to form benzoquinones and benzaldehydes: A computational and experimental study. Cooper, Connor J. Laurel wilt in natural and agricultural ecosystems: Understanding the drivers and scales of complex pathosystems. Lewis, Joshua A. Decomposition of terrestrial resource subsidies in headwater streams: Does consumer diversity matter?

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Experimental N and P additions alter stream macroinvertebrate community composition via taxon-level responses to shifts in detrital resource stoichiometry. Woody regeneration in a Southern Appalachian Quercus stand following wind disturbance and salvage logging. White-tailed deer population dynamics and adult female survival in the presence of a novel predator. Chitwood, Michael C. The influence of multi-season imagery on models of canopy cover: A case study.

Big game hunter preferences for hunting club attributes: A choice experiment. High-light acclimation in Quercus robur L. Species composition of forested natural communities near freshwater hydrological features in an urbanizing watershed of west-central Florida. Soil ecosystem services in loblolly pine plantations 15 years after harvest, compaction, and vegetation control. Scott, D. Andrew; Eaton, Robert J.

Status of black walnut Juglans nigra L. Coyote removal, understory cover, and survival of white-tailed deer neonates. Patch occupancy of stream fauna across a land cover gradient in the southern Appalachians, USA. Frisch, John R. Rhett; Gragson, Ted L. Are community-based forest enterprises in the tropics financially viable? Case studies from the Brazilian Amazon.

Humphries, Shoana; Holmes, Thomas P. Annie; Prestemon, Jeffrey P. Simulating phosphorus removal from a vertical-flow constructed wetland grown with C alternifolius species. Fractionation of heavy metals in liquefied chromated copper arsenate CCA -treated wood sludge using a modified BCR-sequential extraction procedure.

Wetlands of the interior southeastern United States: Conference summary statement. Estimating Rhododendron maximum L. Effects of winter flooding on mass and gross energy of bottomland hardwood acorns. Leach, Alan G. Biology and distribution of Agrilus macer LeConte Coleoptera: Buprestidae , a species associated with sugarberry Celtis laevigata Willd.

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Edwards, Amy E. Steric effects of bulky tethered arylpiperazines on the reactivity of Co-Schiff base oxidation catalysts—a synthetic and computational study. Terrain and landform influence on Tsuga canadensis L.

Carriere Eastern Hemlock distribution in the southern Appalachian Mountains. The diversity of erosion control products and implications for wildlife entanglement. Estimating effects of reforestation on nitrogen and phosphorus load reductions in the Lower Yazoo River Watershed, Mississippi.

Snake oil, silver buckshot, and people who hate us: metaphors and conventional discourses of wood-based bioenergy in the rural southeastern United States. Nature talk in an Appalachian newspaper: What environmental discourse analysis reveals about efforts to address exurbanization and climate change.

Nutrient uptake and community metabolism in streams draining harvested and old-growth watersheds: A preliminary assessment. Variation in soil and forest floor characteristics along gradients of ericaceous, evergreen shrub cover in the southern Appalachians.

Species diversity and composition in old growth and second growth rich coves of the southern Appalachian Mountains. Biodiversity on the brink: an assessment of conservation strategies for North American freshwater mussels.

Climate change effects on biodiversity, ecosystems, ecosystem services, and natural resource management in the United States. Weiskopf, Sarah R. Drought response of upland oak Quercus L. Environment and ontogeny modify loblolly pine response to induced acute water deficits and bark beetle attack. Accounting for short samples and heterogeneous experience in rating crop insurance. A simple approach to estimate daily loads of total, refractory, and labile organic carbon from their seasonal loads in a watershed.

An integrated crop and hydrologic modeling system to estimate hydrologic impacts of crop irrigation demands. McNider, R. Isolating causal pathways between flow and fish in the regulated river hierarchy. McManamay, Ryan, A. Effect of legacy on hydric forest structure in a subtropical urban watershed.

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Tree species exhibit complex patterns of distribution in bottomland hardwood forests. Hallema, D. Microwave-assisted liquefaction of wood with polyhydric alcohols and its application in preparation of polyurethane PU foams. AgBufferBuilder: A geographic information system GIS tool for precision design and performance assessment of filter strips. The path back: oaks Quercus spp.

Louise Loudermilk, E. Factors influencing buyers' willingness to offer price premiums for carbon credits sourced from urban forests. The mangroves of the Zambezi Delta: increase in extent observed via satellite from to Shapiro, Aurelie C. Plot intensity and cycle-length effects on growth and removals estimates from forest inventories.

Forest management challenges for sustaining water resources in the Anthropocene. Invasion success in Cogongrass Imperata cylindrica : A population genetic approach exploring genetic diversity and historical introductions. Integrating separation and conversion - Conversion of biorefinery process streams to biobased chemicals and fuels.

Bozell, Joseph J. Interaction diversity maintains resiliency in a frequently disturbed ecosystem. Productivity and cost estimates for incorporating tracked processors into conventional loblolly pine harvesting regimes in the Southeastern United States. Effects of scale of movement, detection probability, and true population density on common methods of estimating population density.

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Socioeconomic predictors of family forest owner awareness and use of U S federal income tax provisions. Facile fractionation of bamboo wood toward biomass valorization by p -TsOH-Based methanolysis pretreatment. Transient expression of GUS in bombarded embryogenic longleaf, loblolly, and eastern white pine.

Efficient utilization and conversion of whole components in waste biomass with one-pot-oriented liquefaction. Ecological restoration of Abies religiosa forests using Nurse plants and assisted migration in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Mexico. Pushing toward cogongrass Imperata cylindrical patch eradication: the influence of herbicide treatment and application timing on cogongrass rhizome elimination.

Aulakh, Jatinder S. Invasive Plant Science and Management. South Carolina's timber industry - an assessment of timber product output and use, New associations of phoretic mites on Pityokteines curvidens Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Scolytinae. Integrating spread dynamics and economics of timber production to manage Chinese Tallow invasions in southern U.

Integrated separation process of C5 sugars and phenolics from poplar wood using CO 2 -assisted hydrolysis followed by hydrogenolysis. A half century of forest research from the Hell Hole plot of , the record is rich in accomplishment. Consequences of shifts in abundance and distribution of American chestnut for restoration of a foundation forest tree. Effects of age-related increases in sapwood area, leaf area, and xylem conductivity on height-related hydraulic costs in two contrasting coniferous species.

Potential impacts of climate change on soil erosion vulnerability across the conterminous United States. Potential adoption of agroforestry riparian buffers based on landowner and streamside characteristics. Substrate and nutrient limitation of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea in temperate forest soil. Regulations and roles for alternative pathways of hexose metabolism in plants. Successful invasions and failed biocontrol: the role of antagonistic species interactions.

Contrasting genotypes, soil amendments, and their interactive effects on short-term total soil CO 2 efflux in a 3-year-old Pinus taeda L. An answer to a burning question: what will the Forest Service spend on fire suppression this summer?

Modeling the effect of initial planting density on within tree variation of stiffness in loblolly pine. High-resolution precipitation mapping in a mountainous watershed: ground truth for evaluating uncertainty in a national precipitation dataset. Daly, Christopher; Slater, Melissa E. New records and notes on the ecology of the northern long-eared bat Myotis septentrionalis in Arkansas. Sasse, D. Growth under field conditions affects lignin content and productivity in transgenic Populus trichocarpa with altered lignin biosynthesis.

Stout, Anna T. Soil disturbances in logging: effects on soil characteristics and growth of loblolly pine in the Atlantic Coastal Plain. Efficacy of two insecticides for protecting loblolly pines Pinus taeda L. Effects of acorn size and mass on seedling quality of northern red oak Quercus rubra.

Rapid microwave-assisted acid extraction of southern pine waste wood to remove metals from chromated copper arsenate CCA treatment. Methanolysis fractionation and catalytic conversion of poplar wood toward methyl levulinate, phenolics, and glucose. Soil resources influence vegetation and response to fire and fire-surrogate treatments in Sagebrush-Steppe Ecosystems. Rau, Benjamin M. Formation and loss of humic substances during decomposition in a pine forest floor.

Branching out: Agroforestry as a climate change mitigation and adaptation tool for agriculture. Schoeneberger, M. Decline in the pulp and paper industry: Effects on backward-linked forest industries and local economies. Mayer, Audrey L. Louise; Scheller, Robert M. Abundance of an invasive bivalve, Corbicula fluminea , is negatively related to growth of freshwater mussels in the wild. Haag, Wendell R. Growth and physiological responses of isohydric and anisohydric poplars to drought. Insecticide dip treatments to prevent walnut twig beetle colonization of black walnut logs.

Forest diversity and disturbance: changing influences and the future of Virginia's Forests. Abiotic and biotic factors affecting loblolly pine health in the southeastern United States. Presence of carbaryl in the smoke of treated lodgepole and ponderosa pine bark. Effects of microtopography on absorptive and transport fine root biomass, necromass, production, mortality and decomposition in a coastal freshwater forested wetland, southeastern USA.

Li, Xuefeng; Minick, Kevan J. Fe-based Fischer Tropsch Synthesis of biomass-derived syngas: Effect of synthesis method. Crayfish populations genetically fragmented in streams impounded for 36— years. Distribution, conservation and current status of the little brown bat Myotis lucifugus in Arkansas. Growth, photosynthesis, and cold tolerance of Eucalyptus benthamii planted in the piedmont of North Carolina. Modeling loblolly pine aboveground live biomass in a mature pine-hardwood stand: a cautionary tale.

The Influence of dormancy break requirements on germination and viability responses to winter submergence in acorns of three bottomland red oak Sect Lobatae species. Bouche, Pauline S. Comparing the net benefit of forestland cccess for big-game hunting across landownership types in Georgia, USA. Compatibility, development, and estimation of taper and volume equation systems.

Restoration of native fire-adapted southern pine-dominated forest ecosystems: diversifying the tools in the silvicultural toolbox. Structural changes on pulpwood market in the US South: Wood pellets investments and price dynamics. Evaluating forest biomass recovery in south central Alabama pine plantations.

Assessment of hydrologic vulnerability to urbanization and climate change in a rapidly changing watershed in the Southeast U. Suttles, Kelly M. Terra incognita: the unknown risks to environmental quality posed by the spatial distribution and abundance of concentrated animal feeding operations. Potential effects of US protectionism and trade wars on the global forest sector. Coulston, John W. A field method for soil erosion measurements in agricultural and natural lands.

Sawmill industry in Tennessee: Assessing location pattern changes and their effects on sawlog procurement distribution. Seed source, seed size, and seedling grade relationships in South Florida slash pine. Elliott, William R. Craig; Graening, G. The effects of repeated prescribed fire and thinning on bees, wasps, and other flower visitors in the understory and midstory of a temperate forest in North Carolina.

Evaluation of the impacts of herbivory by lace bugs on Chinese privet Ligustrum sinense survival and physiology. Projecting housing starts and softwood lumber consumption in the United States. Quantifying the effects of overgrazing on mountainous watershed vegetation dynamics under a changing climate.

Leaf nitrogen assimilation and partitioning differ among subtropical forest plants in response to canopy addition of nitrogen treatments. Effects of species biological traits and environmental heterogeneity on simulated tree species distribution shifts under climate change.

Climate-induced change of environmentally defined floristic domains: A conservation based vulnerability framework. Jewitt, Debbie; Erasmus, Barend F. Predicting forest road surface erosion and storm runoff from high-elevation sites. Cogongrass Imperata cylindrica affects above- and belowground processes in commercial loblolly pine Pinus taeda stands.

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Changes in land use, forest ownership, parcel size, and fragmentation in forests of the U. Gadolinium chloride as a contrast agent for imaging wood composite components by magnetic resonance. Genetic integrity of shortleaf and longleaf pine seed orchards and seed banks. Equations for estimating biomass, foliage area, and sapwood of small trees in the southern Appalachians. Amatya, Devendra M. Initial mortality rates and extent of damage to loblolly and longleaf pine plantations affected by an ice storm in South Carolina.

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Residual timber values within Piedmont streamside management zones of different widths and harvest levels. Do southern Appalachian Mountain summer stream temperatures respond to removal of understory rhododendron thickets? Raulerson, Scott; Jackson, C.

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Impacts of reforestation upon sediment load and water outflow in the Lower Yazoo River Watershed, Mississippi. Weathering of almandine garnet: influence of secondary minerals on the rate-determining step, and implications for regolith-scale Al mobilization. Recession effects on the forests and forest products industries of the South. Survival and growth of sweetgum shumard oak, and spruce pine planted on a creek bottom site in the Carolina coastal plain.

The influence of Amylostereum areolatum diversity and competitive interations on the fitness of the Sirex parasitic nematode Deladenus siricidicola. The silvicultural implications of age patterns in two southern pine stands after 72 years of uneven-aged management. Habitat quality and reproduction of red-cockaded woodpecker groups in Florida.

Longleaf pine site response to repeated fertilization and forest floor removal by raking and prescribed burning. Water quality effects of switchgrass intercropping on pine forest in Coastal North Carolina. Muwamba, A; Amatya, D. Political pressure: An examination of U S Senators actions in restricting Canadian softwood lumber imports. Analyzing the uncertainties in use of forest-derived biomass equations for open-grown trees in agricultural land. Belford 1. Belington 1. Bella Vista 1.

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Meet Taylor R.

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Bettinger bluff farms beaufort Belchertown 2. Sulcatol: Enantiospecific attractant for Monarthrum mali Coleoptera: Curculionidae: ScolytinaeLeptostylus asperatus Coleoptera: Cerambycidae and associated predators. Chalfont 1. Ammon 1. Delano 1. Rhett; Gragson, Ted L. Dennis; Hilderbrand, Robert H.
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Being able to drive into the warmth and neighborly feel of Bluff Farm is sure to be a welcome feeling at the end of a busy day. Every few weeks, she will be spotlighting a different Beaufort-area neighborhood here on eatstayplaybeaufort. Amy can be reached at or via email at amy ballengerrealty. Local Guide. Beaufort News.

Local Beaches. Historic Downtown. Fripp Island. Hunting Island. Helena Island. Port Royal. Lowcountry Cuisine. Relocation Guide. Real Estate. Beach Rentals. Beaufort Life. Tags Beaufort. Previous article. Next article. Price tables. Cancel Insert Shortcode. Accordion Settings.

List Features Settings. Before we bought the Montgomery farm, it was an operating horse farm. We thought the ground should be free of any pesticides, herbicides, etc. Our acres are all fenced in, and we rotate the cows from pasture to fresh pastures during the spring, summer, and fall months.

During the winter we feed all natural haylage fermented high moisture grass and hay dry grass in a winter staging area. We do all our own harvesting of haylage and hay, so we know their quality. This in itself tells us that our animals are receiving everything they need from their all natural diet. This is the way nature intended it to be. You are what you eat, just as the animals are what they eat! The one thing we have learned in our farming experience is that eating healthy is the first step in being healthy.

The only way you can have a quality product is first you have to care, and second you keep a watchful eye on the product. Y Home 2 no title. Call us for more information or come see our farm in person.


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